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It's almost time for your Boudoir Portrait Experience with NWI Boudoir. I want to give you some tips on how to prepare for your session. We may have already discussed these things in person, but reminders are always helpful right? Plus, being prepared will help you feel confident and comfortable on the day of your shoot. So please take a few minutes to read through this guide.

Let's begin with the most frequently asked question, "What should I bring to wear?". My answer is always bring as many things as you want, the more the better. We may not get to every outfit, but we will have plenty to choose from and I can help you select the things I feel will photograph best.

Before you head to the mall, start by going through the things you already have at home. Keep in mind that there are plenty of non-lingerie items that work well too. Bring things that make you FEEL sexy not what you think is sexy. Be sure they fit well are are comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward, it will show in your photos. Here's a starter list of things that you should consider. (I will go into more detail on what will look best for your body type next)

  • matching bra and panty sets
  • sexy lingerie pieces like corsets, garter belts, babydolls, chemises, and bodysuits
  • T-shirts, loose off the shoulder shirts, and cardigan sweaters
  • Jackets, leather jacket or mens jacket
  • sexy little dress
  • sexy shoes are a MUST and high heels are best. Bring a minimum of one pair of black heels (or bring several different pairs)
  • Accessories - jewelry (a few pieces, not too much we want YOU to be the focus of the photos) scarves and wraps (especially if you want to camouflage areas like upper arms and tummy), hats if that's your style
  • Personal items - I prefer the photos to be all about YOU, so please avoid bringing any props or costumes. I do allow Sports jerseys, (these look great with knee socks), western boots, his shirt, a veil and garter for brides-to-be, and anything else that has special meaning
  • If you want to borrow lingerie from my closet, then please bring a black and a nude thong to wear underneath

How to Find the Perfect Lingerie for You!

Start by accentuating the positive. Identify your body type. Don’t classify yourself into a “less than perfect” body type category. Focus on the parts of your body that you love the most. During your boudoir photography session we want to highlight your best "assets". By wearing appropriately fitting lingerie you can minimize the areas that you don’t love so much.

Lingerie designers make lingerie for women of every size and body type. From plus sized lingerie to petite lingerie, there is a brand and a cut that will work best for you. You’ll be able to find the best styles for your own body type by simply being a little more self-aware. Always try things on while shopping, or try on at home if your order on line before coming to your session. If possible have a sales clerk measure you and help you find the correct size. You don't want things to be too tight and pinch and pucker your skin, or be too loose and have gaps.

Identify Your Body Type

Stand up straight, in front of a full length mirror with as little clothing on as possible. Don’t be critical of yourself, but look at your own anatomical geometry. Geometry = your shape.

No matter what your weight is, a woman’s geometry can be classified as either:

1. Apple - like an apple, you tend to be broader at the top and middle (bust and tummy) than the rest of your torso.

2. Pear - if you're this type, your torso tends to be fuller on the bottom

3. Hourglass – This is a rare breed, but generally this includes those women who have equally curvy measurements on top and bottom, with a narrower, well-defined waist.

4. Rectangular – A very straight figure, from the shoulders to the hips.

Remember one shape is not better than another. Every single type of figure can look equally great in lingerie when it fits the form. Curves never go out of style! The following are suggestions of what to wear for the different body types. These are not hard set rules, always try things on and bring items that you feel are beautiful and look good on you.

Choosing Flattering Lingerie by Body Type

Apple Shaped Figure

  • Low-cut, strapless, and v-neck outfits
  • Corsets - what's old is new again, and for the Apple shaped girl, you can create some curves with a corset. The key is to draw the eyes away from the waist or center. With broader shoulders and a larger bust, clothing with V-necks, deep scoop necks or even strapless tops will draw attention to your bust and face and make you look amazing!
  • Babydolls... The goal is to showcase your upper half. Dresses and tops of babydolls that show some skin on the upper level are perfect. Babydolls tends to be simple and flowy on the bottom half, while the bust area is tailored and detailed.
  • If you want to camouflage heavy upper arms and tummy consider adding a kimono or short robe.

Pear Shaped Figure

  • Love your cleavage and waist line? Then lets accentuate that. Doing this will draw attention away from your bottom half to showcase your “little middle” and fabulous bust. Choose bustiers and push-up bras, or add a corset or corselet to slender your waistline. A long line corset or corset dress can help you to blend the line from hip to waist …making you look smooth, lean and slender.
  • Don’t hate your pear bottom, consider tight-fitting pants to play up that bottom half by hugging those sexy curves. Sexy pants (jeans or otherwise) with a top, or even topless is a great option..

Hourglass Figure

  • This figure is very easy to work with when it comes to lingerie. The key is to find pieces that are form-fitting. Teddies, body suits, rompers and chemises are great at flattering the hourglass figure.
  • Corsets are perfect for this body type, since you are flattering what’s already there.

Rectangle Shaped Figure

  • Boned corsets, waist cinchers, push-up bras
  • If you have a very straight figure you may want to create the illusion of curves. By accentuating the busts and the legs, we can create gorgeous curves in the middle with something like a well-boned corset. A padded push up bra can also draw a lot more attention giving you a rounder, fuller appearance where you want it most.
  • Vintage look lingerie sets...Vintage styles are amazing on straight figures, plus they can create added drama for your photo shoot. Find a lingerie set that feels a little retro and adventurous!
  • Chemises...Chemises look amazing on a rectangle figure, especially with a well-padded top.

Tips for All Body Types

  • A great pair of stockings, along with sexy high heeled shoes is by far the best way to complete your look and make your legs look longer, slimmer, and sexier
  • Non-lingerie items T-shirts, baggy off-the-shoulder tops, cardigans, leather jackets, or a sexy little dress are all good options - Bring some!
  • Colors It doesn't all have to be black. Bring colors that represent you and colors you think are flattering.
  • Many lingerie sets come with g-strings, if you don't like them find a panty with a little more coverage that matches instead.
  • Sexy Shoes - Even if you don't wear heels regularly, they will boost the rear, and elongate the legs in your photo shoot. You can do anything from a retro strappy look to a contemporary stiletto.

Other Important Ways to Prepare for your Photo Shoot


  • If you color your hair regularly, be sure to get your roots touched up before your photo shoot and get those dry ends trimmed too
  • Get a mani/pedi or do it yourself. Be sure to have clean, well groomed nails. They will show in your photos
  • Make sure your eyebrows are shaped up (tweeze those crazy strays!)
  • Remove all unwanted body (and facial) hair. You can wax, tweeze or shave. If you tend to get redness or irritation, make sure to do it 1-2 days before your shoot.
  • Exfoliate your skin if needed and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Also wear clear deodorant on the day of your shoot.
  • While I never tell anyone they need to diet, some ladies do ask for suggestions on how to loose that extra water weight. One week before your shoot, cut out as much sugar, carbs and processed foods as possible and drink plenty of water. Your skin will thank you, as well as keep you from looking bloated and puffy. Get as much sleep as you can the night before and eat something light the day of your shoot. You don't want to be hangry.
  • On the day of your shoot, wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that wont leave lines on your skin, or bring a robe. Show up with clean dry hair, and a clean, (no makeup) face. You will be sitting for hair and makeup for about 45 mins.


  • Don't over use self tanners and don't get a cheap spray tan!!! A spray tan WILL appear extra orange in photos -- and it can rub off on your clothes or the bedding.
  • Avoid getting too much sun right before your session. A photographer’s nightmare is having to Photoshop weird skin tones and sunburn/tan lines. If you want harsh tan lines removed from your photos there will be an extra charge. So please use sunscreen!
  • Please don't arrive late. Often my makeup artists are paying for a babysitter and making them wait on you is inconsiderate. If your are more than 20 minutes late, your session will be cancelled.
  • MOST IMPORTANT - Don't be nervous!!! I promise you will feel pampered and you will have fun! I'll help you with posing and make sure you look your best.


Here is a list of suggested places to shop for lingerie

Corsets (website only)


Lingerie/intimates (websites)






Plus size lingerie (Websites)




Local stores

  • Victorias Secret
  • La Senza
  • Torrid (Plus size)
  • Lane Bryant (plus size)
  • Charlotte Ruse (inexpensive heels and some lingerie)
  • H & M (some inexpensive lingerie)
  • Marshalls
  • TJ Max
  • Macys
  • JC Pennys
  • Kohls


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