Sharing good practice Mrs Reaper & Mrs Nicoll share their expertise on virtual classrooms - Mr Beattie

This weeks sharing good practice comes from Mrs Reaper and Mrs Nicoll, and explains the 'Virtual Classroom' (VC). A document that looks like an animated classroom and can be shared very easily with pupils. Personally, I love them as they are creative and encourage exploration and discovery. They are also very friendly for pupils using handheld devices such as mobiles or tablets for remote learning. They also integrate very well into Microsoft Teams.

The RMPS departments Bitmoji avatars that they use in their VC's

I spent some time with Mrs Reaper last week asking her about the technology, some of the strengths of VC's and what she perceived the impact might be on pupil learning.

Mrs Reapers VC

Have a listen to the interview Below.

Mrs Nicoll from our Harris Art and Design department has put together an excellent and easy to follow top tips guide for creating your own virtual classroom. The hyperlinks can be found below!