Bergmonch Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Rocket Dynamics will be building Bergmonch.
Busch Gardens Williamsburg is excited to announce that Bergmonch will be opening in the spring of 1992. The new roller coaster, Bergmonch, will be located in the German section of the park. This is the logo is themed because the orange glow of the title resembles the way that the fire would burn in the mine shafts.


Bergmonch, is based in to the German myth of the monster Bergmönch. Bergmonch would reward the good respectful miners and punish the bad, rude miners. The reward for good miners who did their work peacefully was relighting their oil lamps if they ran out of wax oil. The bad miners would be punished by getting lost in a maze of fire. This will fit well into the Oktoberfest area and the woods nearby as it goes through tunnels, which represents the mine shafts the miners mined in. Also, the tracks are colored orange and brown to represent the fire and coal that is present in the mines.


This ride will send you through some crazy twists and turns that will have you coming back for more. It is 105 ft tall and reaches an exhilarating speed of 69 mph. It has 2 trains and 6 cars per train. And 4 people can ride in each car. That means the average amount of riders per hour is about 960 riders. The inversions include a corkscrew, vertical loop, a heart-line barrel roll and some helices. I truly believe that this is a one of a kind roller coaster and that it will be an amazing ride.

WARNING if you a heart problem DO NOT ride this.

This link will take you to a front seat POV of Bergmonch:

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