Germany By dannica

Mount Worner in Kawendel, Germany

These are some of the mountains in Germany has a famous mountain called Worner In the pic above. Germany is very rocky so it has a lot of mountain and hills.

Here is a castle in Germany. Germany is known for its beautiful, luxurious castle.

This is the map of Germany, Germany's Capital is Berlin. Countries that border Germany are Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark,Austria,the Czech Republic,France,Luxembourg,Poland, and Switzerland.

The Brandenburg Gate is the most famous landmark in Germany. This Gate symbolizes Prussia's newfound peace and it was built by King Fredrich Wilhelm the second.

This is simple words in German

Nena was a popular singer in the 80s. She had an hit single called 99 luftballoons meaning Balloons. She had 6 albums in the 80s all hits. Her Golden days were in the 80s but after that she had very few appearance.

Bratwurst is a very popular food in Germany. Brat stands for meat with meaning and wurst means sausage.

Fussball is a very popular sport in Germany this is kind of like soccer but more physical. Germany team is Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V.

The waltz in a very common dance in Germany mostly performed in balls. It was originally from France but it is now consider most popular in germany

German house are like little cottages you see in movies. They have a certain pattern that it hold and is also has two small widows in at the top and Three smalls at the bottoms.

The main religion in Germany is Catholicism holding at 60% of the people. Jewish is the next which is 8% and the rest have no religion.

Joachim Gauck is the german presdent he was elected in 2012 and is 76 now but has been poltics ever since the 2000s. The type of goverment is represtive democracy

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