What is the Constitution ?

Article 1

The Legislative Branch is the focus of Article 1
The job of article 1 is to make laws
Two distinct parts. The Senate and the house of represenitives
A representative term is two years unless reelected
Limits the powers of Congress

Article 2

the executive branch is the focus of article 2
THe president of the U.s has the executive powers and will hold his or her office for a 4 year term

Article 3

The federal court system must have one supreme court
explains how the judicial branch gets it power


Freedom of religion Amendment 1
the right to bear arms Amendment 2
Amendment 3 no quartering of soldeiers in homes without approval
Amendment4 freedom from unreasonable search.
Amendment 5 the right to be paid for private property.
Amendment 6 the right to have a lawyer
Amendment 7 the right to trial by jury
there will be no cruel punishments Amendment 8
no one will be denied their rights Amendment 8
power is not delegated to the constitution but the people instead Amendment 10
citizens cannot sue people from a different place Amendment 11
electoral college called electors one dude as president plus the vice president Amendment 12
no more slavery in this country Amendment 13
natural born people in the us gain us citizen ship. Amendment 14
can vote no matter ethnicity Amendment 15


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