Cyberbullying kevin rafael

Cyberbullying is really important to stand up for. Its a horrible and dramatic experience because of all the insults and bad words. Cyberbullying can drive someone to comite suicide. But there are different ways to handle and control it.

There are different ways to find help online or outside. For example someone close to the person being affected can talk to them or they can find help elsewhere in the internet, people and even online documentaries. If they do not find help they will eventually think about comiting suicide. Or even by just ignoring the negativity and focus on the positives.

My opinion on this topic is that people should stop judging people for being who they are or want to be. Society has this picture that thinks that everyone has to be perfect. And the most horrible part is that people see it happening but don't react fast enough. In final people should stop and the people being affected should ignore them because it for their own good.

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