Museum of Natural History By: Jemiela Masanga

An exhibit that was particularly appealing to me was the Butterfly Rainforest. It was amazing to me as someone whose hobby is photography, I was able to capture so many photographs of both the butterflies and their environment and how they interact with each other. The colors of the flowers and the butterflies were aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, and I was able to take photographs that really capture the viewers eyes. I also enjoyed how the exhibit was outdoor and how it allowed me to interact with and observe the butterflies. I was able to observe them in what is seemingly their natural environment. I learned that butterflies really enjoyed fruits. The exhibit didn't teach me something that I wouldn't have learned through books, but it allowed me to actually visualize how nature works and see it with my own eyes, how living things interact with each other in nature.

The Natural History Museum allowed me and other visitors to have the opportunity to appreciate nature in the ways that Leopold recommends such as "love, respect, and admire", the place. The Butterfly Rainforest embodied Leopold's suggestion. Each visitor was able to interact with the butterflies and it was emphasized by the staff that we should be really careful and that this is the butterflies' environment and not ours. They emphasized that we should respect the environment and because the exhibit was highly interactive, we were able to admire how nature works as well as love how it looks. We also went to other exhibits, and not only did we walk through them, we were able to learn about Florida and it's unique environment, such as the caves and the shorelines, as well as the swamps. Visitors seemed fascinated by the exhibits and how the museum conveyed information about each and environment. Other visitors were especially amazed at the Butterfly Rainforest because it was actually nature at work. One of the highlights of my visit to the Butterfly Rainforest was the a butterfly landed on my shirt and stayed their for about 5 minutes, it allowed me to really appreciate the place and the butterflies, causing me to look at it with my own two eyes instead of behind my camera lens.

The Natural History Museum helped me find peace and relax, as Heschel pointed out in his book. As I was walking through the Butterfly Rainforest, I thought about how beautiful nature was and had a silent conversation with the Divine in my head, appreciating the nature and how lucky I am to be where I am at the time. I was able to reflect back on my life and think about what brought me to the place. The museum gave me a chance to have that space and made me think about the mystery and majesty of nature and the natural world. I had a lot of fun taking photographs of both the butterflies and the flowers, and I think I have found the place that gives me the sense of serenity. The Natural History Museum helped me think about who I am and reflect about my place in this world.

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