Ben & Jerry's: Worth The Hype By: Peyton arens and laurel anstine

Pedestrians in Downtown Naperville may find themselves craving a fresh-scooped cup of ice cream while touring the town, and when paired with a popping atmosphere with bright colors and an upbeat, welcoming staff, it makes the perfect pitstop. Ben & Jerry’s has been around for nearly 43 years, and since then, they have perfected not only their product, but also their experience. Customers come to Ben & Jerry’s expecting to make memories, and the two founders were successful in delivering.

Immediately upon walking in, customer’s are met with the smell of sweet vanilla and an array of decoration. The welcoming staff greets the customers, offering samples of a wide range of flavors. The ice cream is then scooped and stacked high into overflowing cups.

The bright lighting, panoramic Windows, and retro style bar makes for a picture perfect memory of the store.

Photo: Laurel Anstine

Ben & Jerry’s originally began with two men named Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who first met in a seventh grade gym class in Long Island, New York. Their first shop opened up in a gas station in Burlington, Vermont in 1978. Two years later, they then rented an old building in Burlington and began packing their ice cream and pints and distributing to grocery stores in the area. Since then, the Ben & Jerry's network has grown to over 600 stores, and their brand is carried in stores nationwide. Since its founding, Ben & Jerry have used their company to show support of civil rights movement's across the country.

Ben & Jerry's has become an iconic supporter of various civil right issues, including criminal justice reform, voting rights, environmental sustainability, racial justice and more.

Photo: Peyton Arens

Although the ice cream tasted great, the prices at Ben and Jerry’s are a little steep, totaling over seven dollars for even small items. Considering the growing number of ice cream shops in the downtown area, it is likely that prices of ice cream will continue on this trend. The prices were appropriate, though, considering the fantastic guest experience.

The experience at Ben and Jerry’s was worth the hype. As soon as customers walk in, the atmosphere is welcoming and the ice cream will keep them coming back for another scoop. Ben and Jerry’s is a welcome addition to the Downtown Naperville ice cream scene.


Peyton Arens & Laurel Anstine