FamilySearch* is always coming up with clever ways to inspire family history discovery. This is a good one … Compare-a-Face!! “Ever wonder where you got your good looks?”

To try this at home, go to FamilySearch.org’s “Compare-a-Face” page, HERE. Sign in with your FamilySearch login.

You can use your computer, or even easier, your cell phone to quickly discover which of your ancestors’ faces you match best.

After taking a selfie, I was thrilled to discover that the computer thinks I look like my beautiful and glamorous Grandma, Dona. While our match came back at 51%, I wonder if the percentage would have been higher if I had bothered to put on some pretty lipstick and do my hair fancy.

My 2nd closest match was Grandpa Ferril, who I already know gave his dark curly hair to me. Upon close inspection, it looks like our eyebrows are also the same. I’ve always wanted to be just like this guy, so this is good news.

My 3rd closest match was Grandma Dona’s Dad, my Great-Grandpa Harvey, who I never before realized has a pointy nose and identical cheek bones to mine. It makes sense that my own mother was next in line, who descends from all three of my closest matches.

The kids had fun playing with Compare-a-Face, too. Nathan wins the prize for being closest matched (at 72%) to an ancestor.

Give it a try with your family, and don’t miss the great feature at the bottom, “Add a memory about this ancestor …”

Note: Obviously, the key to this tool’s success and usefulness has everything to do with how many of your ancestors have photos in FamilySearch. The more photos, the better, so scanning or uploading photos may be your first step!

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