Digital Portfolio Parker Strauss

This is my sketchbook. I practice my drawings in here and sketch out ideas of little projects that I might think of wanting to do. Most of the work done in here is just for fun or to practice for final copies. The cover wasnt very well done, but I can keep adding to it to make it better or even find or create a new drawing I like and replace it.
Some elements or principles present in this piece are value, form, shape, and balance. The value of my paint flowed well with the piece to show good form as well. The figures themselves represents shape. Where the figures are placed in the piece shows the viewer balance. My piece did not express any personal or social issue. This piece did improve me as an artist so yes my goal was reached. I will take a little more time in future pieces to try to make sure they’re as good as they can be. I will complete the piece faster next time.
In this piece I used value to demonstrate form. The piece turned out well for me other than my lines getting dark however it ended up being good. Next time I do a piece similar to this I will take more time to put in extra detail to make the planes look better. Overall the project challenged me to demonstrate the form of the plane because of the angles I drew them from. The shading challenged me at first going from dark to light and then light to dark in some areas, but I understood it after practicing it a few times.
On this project we took a picture of our faces smashed against a window and had to replicate the picture. It was called Smashing Faces. I used value to demonstrate form. My media was graphite. I used a pencil to draw and my fingers to shade. I tried to show that I was laughing during this piece, but my smashed face doesn’t show that as much as I thought it would. My goal was to make the piece look like me as much as possible since it was a picture of me I had to replicate. I learned that to draw and replicate something is harder than it looks. It was quite challenging. Yes the piece is what I imagined it to be. It will make me put more effort into my future pieces.
This piece is one of my favorites. It took me a long time to come up with my theme. Which my theme ended up being outer space so that's why there is the stars. The hands represent comets and the foot represented a spaceship. I took a lot of time on this and it turned out better than I thought it would. As I drew each hand they got better each time and it just turned out great. I used vale you to help demonstrate form. Overall I feel that the piece turned out very well. I'm very happy with the way it turned out.
This is my piece of scratch art. It is a Koala. I showed form in this piece and movement because of the ways i scratched and the direction they show. That helped draw eyes to parts of the piece more than others. I am very happy with this piece and the way it turned out. I don't know what else it really needs to look better other than a better detail on the nose and shape of the forehead. Other than that I think that the overall piece ended up being great.
This is a chips and salsa dish with a coil weave lid. I should've found a better idea for my form and function faster so that I could get the project done in time. If I would've made more time for myself I'd make the coil lid look better neater and nicer. The inside dish was a pinch pot then I attached it to the big coil pot. Overall the dish turned out well.
On the right is my independent study. On the left is also part of my independent study, but more of a side project I was interested in. The picture on the left was a zentangle and my goal was for the viewer to be drawn into the middle of the piece. The triangle piece was for optical art and with 3D glasses the different triangles are supposed to pop out at you. I think I should've used my time better on the triangles and make them look better, but with the zentangle I think my development of the piece and time I put into it made it turn out the way I wanted it to.
This is my macrame piece. It is just about or just over 28 inches when it is fully straightened out. I tried out 3 different knots before I chose the ones I wanted to use. I chose the square knot and spiral knot. Macrame is new to me and I did it. Even when I made little mistakes I just untied them and got back on track and kept working. I used my time wisely and got it done neatly and in a timely manner. I tried different knots before choosing what I wanted.
This is my pen and ink uninteresting object piece. It is a door stopper. I practiced with different tools before I chose the one I knew I wanted to use. I used the techniques of stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, and blending. I applied a new way of blending my drawing because instead of using graphite like I’ve used in the past, I used a pen and had to learn how to blend the piece differently. When I made a mistake I just easily covered it up or made the mistake multiple times, but made it look better so that the original mistake would blend into the piece. I made sure I had it all planned out and that I got it done when it needed to be. I chose to practice different techniques with different tools to see what I liked the best and what looked food to me.
Yes I used oil pastels to depict a then and now oil painting about time. Yes this was a new medium I used and I haven’t had much experience with it before. Yes I just smeared the mistake off or drew over it. Yes I used my time wisely. Yes I tried ideas in my sketchbook.


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