Finished Projects Alex Robinson

There are many art skills that I developed while making this piece. One of the skills developed was solving problems, it was hard keeping the black clean, dust also got everywhere. Another skill developed while progressing with the piece was developing new art skills, I have never really worked with pastels before. It was difficult but I believe I got the hang of it.

This art piece is very meaningful to me. This is because it is a comparison between two major things that impact the world. Life and Death.

I would probably change the order of how I colored the things. It just go really messy and I believe I could have done better with the process of it all.

"Life looked at Death and asked, "Why do people love me, but they hate you?" Death replied, "Because I am the painful truth and you are the beautiful lie."' - Unknown

I based my picture on the quote above, this is because everyone has this beautiful image of what life is, while life's counter part gets an awful name. Life and Death are both the same, the only difference is one takes and the other gives. You choose which one does which.

March 24, 2017 project

For this project I actually learned quite a bit. For example I learned that if you add a bit of grey to white it looks like shadows. I also learned how to make a person that looks a bit more realistic than animated.

The art skills that I showed was developing new art skills, an example is the metal mirror frame because I haven't worked with metal since Jr High. Another art skill I showed was plan and research because it took a lot of planning to be able to get the project exactly how I wanted it.

This project was meaningful to me because I love folk lore and urban legends and the most common story you hear is the story of Bloody Mary. I wanted to do something to show how I personally pictured Bloody Mary and what she was. It was challenging to get everything just the way I wanted it, also I created the design for the mirror myself, and that was hard.

The thing I like the best about my project is probably the mirror. I like how it turned out after being inked and I really just find it pretty. The thing I would probably change about the project is how not all of the fingers in the hand print show up. The thumb blends in with the hair, so I think I would change how dark the bloody hand print was.

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