221B The Street.

The series of pictures are in a Detective Scene. Called 221B as this is the famous address of Sherlock Holmes!

Inspiration:Most of the members of our group don't really have anything besides the fact that we all are huge fans of the mystery genre. Some of us fans of Sherlock or Doctor Who but mostly Sherlock so we based the whole thing on the book and show "Sherlock"

Collection of all pictures

Group Picture of the Objects

This is one of our only top view angles. This picture represents how clustered a detectives desk is and we tried to make it as confusing as possible but the lighting emphasizes the envelopes and shows the main focus point. The lighting is also very soft so it doesn't give a very harsh feeling to the picture. || FINAL PICTURE ||
This picture is the view taken from the floor so it is the front view with the harsh lighting from the right to create a dramatic tone. The canvas overlay has been placed to show a paper affect because our picture is set in the olden days and thats how detectives jot down their clues and suspects.
This picture was also taken from a first person point of view this captures all the aspects of the picture but the main objects are the cup and the magnifying class due to the light that casted the highlights on the picture. The lighting in this picture also gives it a dramatic tone and feeling. The smoke overlay gives it a mysterious tone.
This picture has a brownish tint to it to show that the picture is an old themed picture as this is how we tried to portray it. This perspective is from the right we tried to have the pictures emphasis on everything in the picture. We tried to also focus on the 221B baker street envelope because that's where we tried to set it.

Indivisual Picttures of the Objects

1. In the first picture I have harsh lighting on the left which casts a shadow to the right it also has highlights on the left side of the bottle. It gives a more dramatic feeling and tone to the picture it also makes the left of the bottle very clear and lit 2. In the second picture it is completely opposite lighting on the right and shadow to the left and highlights on the right side of the bottle. 3. The last picture has the lighting to the top which has a slight shadow around the bottom of the bottle and the top of the bottle is light brightly. It gives a very clean aesthetic and a very smooth
This is one of our individual pictures of the magnifying glass, I chose this perspective it shows the stem of the magnifying class as the bigger portion rather than the main glass. This was a pretty important object in our final composition because the magnifying glass represents a detective.
This is our second most important object, its this antique looking phone and I put sephia so it looks like its set in the olden times we used this telephone because we thought it would really set the time period. We also thought it would realy explain the set alot.

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