PHOTOS: PETER/WENDY by Nicole stetsyuk

Above: Freshman Bina Herron-Geller as Peter Pan and senior Riley Cao as Wendy

Lowell's annual fall play, a darker take on Disney's Peter Pan, wrapped up on Sunday after four performances. Directed by Terry Bamberger, the play was showcased in the Carol Channing theatre on October 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th.

The cast gathers around as characters build a house for Wendy.
Left: Senior Ariel Anderson and Lucy Ugar as Mr. and Mrs. Darling think happy thoughts while Sophomore Angela Ogoy as Tink stands by. Right: Ariel Anderson as Mr. Darling.
Left: Senior Grace Kanaley as Peter Pan prepares for a battle with Hook. Right: A melancholy Wendy, portrayed by junior Martine Kolderup-Lane
Hook, portrayed by senior Emma Bethel and senior Skyler Chaikin, and Smee, portrayed by junior Garret Yu and junior Bianca Bishop, hold their own in a battle with Peter Pan.
Left: A thoughtful Wendy portrayed by senior Diana Gawad. Middle: Sophomore Isidore Liu struts on stage as Peter Pan. Right: Peter and Wendy ponder happy thoughts.
Tiger Lily, portrayed by sophomore Ellee Bamberger and senior Emma Greene, is held captive on Hook's ship.
Top: Senior James Olson as an astonished Tink. Bottom: Freshman Estefania Martinez flies high as Tink. Right: Peter, Wendy, and Tink laugh amongst themselves.
Wendy, portrayed by senior Riley Cao, is held captive by Hook and Smee
Top: Lost boys, senior Maddie Komlos, senior Chance Ford, and sophomore Ember Draffin prepare for bedtime. Bottom: Senior Chance Ford as a blind lost boy. Right: Lost boy portrayed by senior Maddie Komlos takes a stand.