The Global Impact of Transnational Advertising By: Jaysa Addison

Transnational advertising is the way the US advertises our international products through media, and these ads are all around the world.
The main issue is that the US has become so mainstream in production that our advertising tries to portray our way as the best way of life, and as a consequence, we lose cultural diversity and many cultures in smaller scale societies become extinct.
I chose this topic because I am a marketing major, and so this controversy relates to what I want to do in the future. This is an issue around the world, and it is relevant to today's society because of how advanced we as a country are, and how much we influence cultures around the world with our power.
Many people all around the world feel like they are inferior and not good enough because of how we portray themes like "happiness" and "beauty" to be through the media. We convince them they need to be more like us, and that their way of life is wrong. We say the solution is through materialism and consumption of items
Research questions include: What causes us as a nation to try to control other nations? How did we develop our standards for beauty and happiness? How can we promote cultural variation through advertising?
Potential counterarguments include: --With giving other societies access to our advanced products, aren't we helping them? -Now that we are more interactive with the world around us, isn't it a good thing to assimilate with one another and live the same way of life?
Through my research, I hope to spread my knowledge on this current issue when I pursue my career in marketing and advertising.


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