our animal is 1 third of a owl ,1 thirds of a ostrige,als 1 third of a mokey.
This is a owl
This is a mokey
This is a ostrich
This animal is very special.

It adaptations are fast runner, keen eyesight,and can climb this animal is very special.

You can't hunt this animal it will become extinct.
we love the one and only olcommonk.


Created with images by andymag - "waves" • skeeze - "great horned owl bird wildlife" • adam.haworth - "Monkey" • skeeze - "ostrich bird wildlife" • ilhamsaibi - "buble" • skeeze - "soldier dog companion" • elljay - "no hunting sign no hunting fence" • quapan - "shiny star leaf fringed weirdly in tarry moongate" • karen H. nickname.{ pooh} - "heart"

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