I want to stop the lack of education in South Sudan and make South Sudan a country where education is normal. By: Tareq El-khader

In a lot of places in the world today people are having a huge lack of education which is causing them to have less knowledge in their future and cause them to have a different point of view for things that we do in our everyday lives. The place in the world that has the most lack of education is: South Sudan. My purpose for the campaign is to make South Sudan a country where its education is back to normal rates and because of that make it a country will have its economy going up again because of the education that will be restored

People in South Sudan are not getting enough education and are not able to go to schools so that they can even have a chance of getting an education. The thing that causes the problem of lack of education in South Sudan is the civil war that has caused the majority of the school in South Sudan to be completely demolished, another reason the war caused the lack of education in South Sudan is because of all the people that had to miss out on school because of the risk of getting hurt when you go outside. The effect that this problem has in South Sudan is that is causing heavy heavy poverty which causes the economy in South Sudan to decrease heavily. It also causes a lot of children to become street children that have no money and have a very terrible life.

The solution that I will do for this problem is that I will set up a fundraiser that will allow people to donate money into it and then when the amount of money that is sufficient is funded it will go to South Sudan to help rebuild schools. The reason I will stop the lack of education this way is because it is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to help people out, because people can donate as they choose so problems won't occur and the outcome will always be good because the people that donated know that they did something good. The outcome that I predict will happen is that people in South Sudan will have all of their problems solved. They also will then will be able to to have a solid education and become a country that is then known for being normal again, and the population of South Sudan will be happy and proud again.

To end things off i want to wrap up by saying why “I want to stop the lack of education in South Sudan and make South Sudan a place where education is normal. The things that would happen if South Sudan stays a place as it is today, a place that is getting increased poverty day by day, civil war, lower and lower and economy, and many other things that would soon causes South Sudan itself to become hopeless. The things that you would benefit from helping the fundraiser is that you would not just feel good about it but you would also be saving many, many lives, and you would be saving a whole country because of you just helping out a bit. I want you, yourself to stop and think about what you would do: would you help many many innocent lives, or would you leave them to be completely lost in life and give up their hope? Its your choice.


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