Where She Went By: Gayle Foreman

The genre of this book is romance.

The general theme is a portray of rejection and rekindled love.

The setting of this novel is in Hollywood, our generation time.
Gayle Forman is a female author who was born in Los Angeles. She now lives in New York. Forman started writing when she finished college. She first started off as a journalist. When she turned 34 she began writing novels. Gayle Forman had three main reasons why she became an author. The first, and main, reason was because of boredom. The second reason was because of poverty. The last reason was escapism. Her reason for writing novels, in her words, "Because is is cheaper than therapy." http://gayleforman.com/bio/
Adam- A rockstar who has really bad anxiety issues and always has to have anxiety pills with him at all times.

Mia- A cellist, she was the only survivor of a fatal crash with her mother, father, and little brother.

Bryn- Adam's movie star girlfriend that Adam always mentions durning the book.

I would recommend this book to people who love rekindled romance in the 2000's generation.

This novel is about two people who went to highschool, they lost connection for three years. They meet again and see how successful they have become.

1. Negating- making a negative meeting.

2. Triage- what a patients treatment is according to their injuries.

3. Splenectomy- surgery to take out spleen.

4. Litany- reapetetion

5. Resilient- Able to recover quickly

"There's a piece of lead where my heart should beat Doctor said it's to dangerous to take out...". This quote means a lot to the novel because it is a quote from a song that Adam wrote showing his pain after Mia left.

"If the purpose is to not call attention to yourself, don't you think that perhaps lighting up is counterproductive?" This quote shows how bad Adam's aniexty issues are.


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