Esmeralda Lam

I like this text effect becuase it remind me of my childhood chocolate and strawberry, I did this tutorial in photoshop, fist I typed out the word, sweet it was originally love but I wanted to change it. The first thing I did to the text was create a mask and in this mask I changed the layers setting to make it look more chocolate style. Next I did the strawberry glaze and I did this by creating another mask and changeing the color to pink than customizing the layers I had a lot of trouble with this becuase it originally needed to look round and well sorted in the bottom but I couldn't managed to make it look like that mine turned out to look more sharp edges. But after all I did like how it came out and it learned how to use the setting more and get back in the flow with photoshop.
i really liked this text effect becuse it inspired me becuase spring is the time when flowers start bloom the weather becomes better and it's just a really good season. This text effect at first seem difficult to me but later on once during the tutorial I did have difficulties but I still managed to make it look nice and beautiful. I did this tutorial in photoshop. First I created the flowers and by that I had to create circles and with this circle I had to create more layers with a pink layer and I had to combine them and I thought if I made one side of the petal and copy them to create the whole flower but I was wrong the pink part or the flower the inner part had to go in the middle of the inner flower, so I had to recreate the whole flower. Next step I did was put the background and than used a script font that I really liked especially the S. the next step was create the stem of the flower I used the brush tool and with the brush tool I had to customize the burshes layers. The next step was inccoperate the flowers and I really liked it because I put a lot of flowers making the meaning spring really come out. Next step was the petals I had trouble with this due to the instructions of the tutorial i had gotten really cunfused and my petas did not look the same as in the tutorial so I kept adjusting it till it look the same. I really enjoyed this tutorial and how it turned out I learned how to use the brush tool better also.
During the beginning of the year I wanted to create a class shirt for our class. I did this in illustrator and first step I did was create the 17 I wanted it to be more freestyle so I did the 17 with the pen tool. It was very difficult becuase after several changes I couldn't get it how I wanted it until one try I did something different I experimented with the tool and it was a good idea. I stead of going click by click I decided click hold and pul and created that smooth edge I wanted for both numbers. The next step was to add the two thousand first I added to the side of the 7 but I didn't like it that much because some people may have a difficulty reading it in that way. Next I put it in the 7 and it looked weird and until I put in the top left corner of the 1 I liked it. Next step was create a design that bring together the 17 and the two thousand, I did the designs with the pen tool l. I really like how it looks because it brings the whole numbers together and blends really good together. Next I wanted to add the conquistador and I saw the logo in white and I though if I can make it standout in a area it'll bring the whole Serra message out. First I tried to make it big and put it in between the 17 but I did not like it so much than I added ito the 7 and I really liked the place it's in because it gives each number a certain design the 1 has the two thousand and the 7 the conquistadors.
I wanted to make a geofilter for the San Diego zoo, the time I went there there wasn't any. I did this in illustrator the first thing I did was gather which font I am going to use I wanted to go for a children theme geofilter. I found 6 fonts I liked but the one I decided to go with is super punch and cf_jack_story. The after funding which don't I really wanted to used I started to combine them together I found three combinations I liked one, San Diego and zoo in the middle next San Diego stacked on top of each other and zoo same height next to it, and third San Diego and zoo bottom of it as the one seen above. After combating them I started to make the animals I made every animal by pen tool first I outlined the body next made my way into inside shapes I found outlining the body first was easier because it was faster and easier to fill in with color. I did one where I had to pen tool everything differently but once I filled it in with colors it did not come out how i wanted it. After creating all the animals and adding a back shawdow to them and a palm tree I started to add it to the font combinations, the first combinations I noticed that when people will read it they will pass the San Diego word and go straight to the zoo in the middle and I did not want that and also I couldn't add all the animals. Next I like the combination of San Diego stacked on top of eachother and zoo next to it but once i added the animals it looked really crowded and has a lot of things going on . Lastly I tried the one as the image above and I really liked it becuase it did not look to croweded and people will be able to read it clear. I learned how to use the pen tool better I used to have a lot of trouble of using the pen tool but after this i became better.
Ms. Martin asked me to make a invitation and flyer for the Circle of Friends ball and I decided to go with a winter theme since I'm was the winter ball and also during the time of December. I decided to use illustrator as the software. The first thing I did was create the font combinations I used from the flyer, a font combination that looked very winter theme and also ball. Next I added the background and information she asked me to put. I really like how the font looks and also the background makes it pop out more also.
Circle of Friends was holding a event for thier winter ball and Ms. Martin asked me if I can make if I gladly accepted. First I did back ground research and viewed the past flyers and invitations and they viewed very plain I wanted to make something differently. The first thing I did was look for a back ground next was to find a font that would fit the event I found this font and I liked it because it looked very ball type and winter and formal. I also wanted to add the couple dancing and I liked how the drop shawdow makes it pop out more. And the information in black makes the important key points stand out. I learned from working on this client work that it is nice to have one of your work bieng used for a special event and event that means a lot to other people.


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