MLB CUBS 2016-2017 Reasons behind the Cubs curse breaking success and their needs to repeat.


Topic-MLB CUBS 2016-2017

Questions to ask (10 questions not including the person’s first and last name.)

1.Who was the most helpful player during the regular season for the Cubs to come to the world series?

2.What players that were on the Cubs club in 2016 season in this point in their career can potentially be bound for the hall of fame?

3.How big of an impact did the new manager Joe Maddon have on turning the Cubs into the best team in the league?

4.In your opinion who was the Cubs true ace pitcher throughout the postseason during their run?

5.Should the Cubs have not played Heyward throughout the season after they noticed his plate struggles?

6.Who was the Cubs most effective off season pickup before the 2016 season?

7.Will the Cubs be good enough to bring another pennant to Chicago in 2017. Why or why not?

8.Which player deserves the label “Best Player” on the cubs from this past year?

9.Do the cubs need another veteran player acquired in order to win more championships in upcoming years?

10.Will not having Dexter Fowler harm them this next year?

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Joe Salemme, Michael Jekot, Tristen Yen, Michael Piccolo, Randy Ryan, Kevin Blatz, Joseph Fraterrigo, Matt Salomonson, Luke Haras, Max Salus, Aidan Paige.



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Written Report

I conducted a 10 question report having to do with the Cub’s success in their 2016 championship run. I chose this topic because it's one of the most interesting ones in sports history. The Cubs finally broke the curse and did it with a very diversely talented group of players. This was a huge moment that impacted everyone and changed sports forever. Through this survey I was trying to find out what my friends thought of each player and coach.

My end result was not very close on any questions and I found them fairly predictable. I wasn't trying to prove much at all in this survey. I created it to compare players to one another in different categories. I was not surprised at all with the findings in my survey. Despite the comparisons between players who were close in skill level the answers were often blowouts.

For the most part everyone responded with Kris Bryant being the most effective player which came as no surprise to me because he is the true show stopper on both sides of the field for the Cubbies. Joe Maddon, their new manager has had much success in his career and more than half of the takers believed he had a large impact in turning the team around. Most voted that Hayward was a bust as a hitter and didn't deserve playing time. They also found Ben Zobrist to be the best off-season pickup which is not a shocker because he played above what was expected. Lastly everyone believed the Cubs will be good enough this year to repeat.

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"Never permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure"-Joe Maddon

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