Age of Exploration Meninga, 1B, KIlah thompson

Causes of Portuguese Exploration:

One cause of Portuguese exploration would be that the Ottoman Turks conquered lots of land that everyone would use to travel. They conquered Constantinople. This is a cause because when they conquered this land they stopped the travel that went on, and the main travel was trading. This made other people find a new way to travel and to trade.

Prince henry was another cause of PORTUGUESE exploration. one of the reasons why he was a CAUSE is because he was a NAVIGATOR. He could navigate through the OCEANS using the stars. He then started a school for this to teach other people how to navigate themselves. Soon he then discovered a way to build and CONSTRUCT a ship that can still sail even against the wind. This later came to be called the Caravel.

One last cause of Portuguese Exploration is Marco Polo. Marco Polo was an Italian Merchant traveler. This effected him because he could no longer travel by land because of the Ottoman Turks. He had to find a new way to travel and he did. He started to travel by water like everyone else. While doing so he had discovered Central Asia and China. He soon then introduced the Europeans to these new lands.


An effect of Portuguese Exploration is the spice trade. Everyone was traveling trying to find spices. Spices were so valuable you could use them to pay for your rent, they were also worth as much as 7 fattened oxen. So people were traveling like crazy to find these spices.

Columbus was anther effect. He was trying to find a country that would invest money into his traveling, to find spices. After one fail of trying to have a "SPONSOR" he asked spain. Spain had agreed. he told spain that he had discovered a 'shortcut'. on october 12, 1492 he lands in the BAHAMAS. After making this trip 4 out of the 5 ships DIDN'T make it back to spain. Although most of the ships and their crew died, the one ship that did come back.... came back richer than ever with spices.

Vasco De Gama was an explorer. He was a great explorer and fearless navigator. He was the first to reach India by the sea. His reason for reaching India by sea was to trade. Because the ottoman Turks had conquered the main trading route people had to find other ways to trade and he did, by the sea.

African Slaves:


When the natives died that was a huge cause of slavery. When Columbus conquered the new land he brought the social class pyramid from Spain to the new world. While doing this instead of having his own people work he had the natives do all the work. They were slaves to Spain.

Another cause is encomienda. this means that the colonists forced the natives to work for them. when they CONQUERED the new world they forced the natives to work for them for nothing in return. They would be worked very hard by the "owners". many of them died. That's what brought slavery, when they would bring more african slaves from other PLACES.

Mercantilism is the trading of countries to benefit them. This became huge when they just conquered the new world. Once they were running out of natives to work for them they had to find another way to get slaves to the new world. This is when they started to import slaves from the other places to the new world. This is huge because now people are not just sailing for spices but for many other 'important' things now.


one effect is spain was getting richer by the ship doing this. The slaves would work for cheep or for nothing at all so the owners would make tons of money. THey have workers who are pretty much working for free while bringing in big or large profits. While also having their supplies being shipped out and HAVING other countries buy it really BENEFITED spain and its economy.

While they were all sailing from one place to another they were picking up and dropping off supplies, the Triangular trade came into place. They knew that some places were more prone to grow crops than other places, so they had a bigger supply, almost to much of a supply. So what they started doing is that the percentage of the crops or merchandise that they didn't need they sold it to the other countries. The other counties caught on to this and they started doing the same things. Now in the counties that trade they have a little bit of everything... something they didn't have before.

one last effect african slaves had on the new world was when they had CONQUERED the new world they came across sugar. Sugar was the the new drug. Everyone had to have it, it was so sweet and yummy. But having this obsession caused people to have many health and medical problems. Such as their teeth, the sugar was so sweet it was rotting THEIR teeth inside their mouth. It was very painful, so people were starting to not eat and have those many health problems.

Small Pox:


One cause of the small pox was when the Spanish came to conquer the new world they had contracted the disease and they were pretty much like carriers. So when they went to the new world the native had never experienced this disease so they weren't immune to it. Therefore they had contracted it and many of them died.

When they WEREN'T immune to it it meant everyone of the natives could get the disease. while they could get the disease they could also pass it on and so on. This is what caused the native population to decrease by thousands other than the first war... that was to CONQUER the land.

One last cause of the small pox was that the natives didn't have the modern technology that was invented then. The only medicine they had was the remedies that they could mix up. They would mix up different herbs and spices to make medicine for them. But since they were "isolated" they didn't contract disease that often so they didn't have a immunity for the diseases.


One effect of small pox was that the natives were used as slaves. So while having declining numbers already as it was they were being used as slaves and had very little or no time at all to recover from illness. Most of the illnesses they contracted killed them. Since there was a decline in the natives they transported other slaves from other colonies and their bodies had to adapt to the changes and they got sick from those changes as well.

When the spain CONQUERED THEIR land they had already had the disease so when they did CONQUER they brought the disease WITH them. the natives then soon contracted it. This was terrible for their population that was decreasing at a rapid pace.

One last effect was that the Spanish made or forced the natives to change their religion. They made them change in what they believed in and how they believed in it. They changed how they celebrated things and when they would celebrate. The natives were robbed of their freedom and their culture, because the Spanish conquered their land.

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