How Society is Influenced by Films

Films Affect the Way We See Everyday Life

Have you ever swam in the ocean? Or a deep, murky lake? Many who have often suffer to some degree from the fear of of something unknown in the deep, seemingly endless water. Much of this fear is natural, however, much of it is also put inside of our minds by the horrifying scenes we see in the theaters. For example, after the classic "Jaws" was aired in 1975, Great White Shark hunting policies were loosed (The Jaws Effect).

Films can Create a Fear Inside that can Leak into Society

The film "The Purge" resulted in many smaller riots around the nation in reenactment of the movie. Stephen King's "IT" was the catalyst of many sightings of violent clowns.

After the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" aired in 2004, many people began to be very interested in the Earths climate changes. The film generated more than 10 times the news coverage of the 2001 IPCC report, clearly showing that society was considering this sort of thing to be a reality. This, in a way, shows how films can inform society, often times better than the local news can.

Films can Inspire Change

"Remember the Titans" is a motivator for many sports teams today, often quoted from. "The Pursuit of Happyness" gives hope to the many who are struggling to find their purpose in life.

The film, "Braveheart" connected so deeply with the people of Scotland, it influenced them to propose a referendum to the United Kingdom. Who would have thought one film could inspire so many?

Films can Bring out the Best

In conclusion, films can bring out the best, the worst, and the strangest in our lives. When we look deeper into where these influences come, however, we realize that they come from a small fraction of society already. Yes, movies inspire, but the true inspiration (whether good or not) comes from the creators.

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