How Will We Stop North Korea? Made by Chris Carman

One of the North Korean missile tests

North Korea has been threatening, many times to bomb the US with their nuclear bombs. According to the Washington Post, ”[North Korea recently tested an] intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), thereby demonstrating a capacity to strike the United States.”This is saying that we need to find a way to stop North Korea from setting off an ICBM which is a really big bomb.

The ship that America sent to attack North Korea

America is starting to send aircraft carriers to South Korea to get South Korea to help them. According to The Telegraph news, “[America's decision to move a Navy strike group towards the Korean peninsula is a prudent reaction to a pattern of provocative behavior from North Korea.”]This saying that America is going to send a warship to stop North Korea from hitting America with a big bomb.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong un

We need to stop North Korea before they harm America and destroy a lot of land.

This video shows to location of the North Korean missile launch fail.

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