Ryan Shea Photography period 1, semester 1, 2016-2017

This photo is one of the two Photographs I passed in for my very first project in photography class, This style is called "photogram". To create a photgram we would place random objects of our choosing to place under the enlarger to create shapes from the light projected on them. This photo was my favorite from this project, I liked the contrast of the flowers compared to the rock bracelet.
These photos are from the second assignment we had in class, this assignment was called "Texture", all of these photos were actually all taken inside of the school even though they do not look like they were.
These are the pictures selected from my "landscape" project, all of these pictures have the same element about them, they all give the illusion of a path to walk in and the shading of the trees helps to show the depth of these trees. My favorite picture out of these four is the leave tunnel in the top right, in my opinion it looks like something you would have at a wedding.
This project was my favorite to shoot for, "Portraits". Out of these five pictures I passed in I would have to say the bottom right is my favorite because I like how the lighting shades her face and it looks ombré because it became very light at the top of her face.
This project was called "Double negative", this in my opinion was the hardest project to work on becasue placing the two film strips on top of each other and coming out with a clear image was very difficult. My favorite picture is in the top right, I like this one because I got the chance to use a flower I took a picture of for the "texture" project that was too unfocused for it to be on its own so it worked well with this project.
This is my final project, I took multiple pictures of the same person, my friend Caleigh, and I manipulated each picture differently. The top left I took a piece of newspaper to make the photo look as if they were crying. And the top middle and the two bottom corners I took the pictures and cut them to form an arrow shape. As for the top right I used a picture of my friend Caleigh's face and cut out a picture of my sister's eyes and placed it on top to create a collage look. And the bottom middle I cut out four of the same picture and placed them in a circular formation. I used the access scraps from the two pieces of construction paper and used it to divide up the four simular pictures.
These pictures always look so cool to me, these are called contact sheets and they help to show which strips of film are going to come out and which are not going to. Both of these contact sheets were used for My "Portrait" photos.

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