Benjamin Powell's Photo Journal By alec greene

Shells were used as a effective scraping tool. In the photo you see us scooping up ashes from a canoe used by the natives, the natives basically used this as a shovel.
This is the Susan Constant. She was the biggest of the three ships that came to the New World. It's captain was Christopher Newport. Even though this wasnt the real ship I can imagine how big the real ship was and how much this expedition cost. They had really high hopes for America.

This is my favorite room in the Govenors Palace. When you first walk in to the palace you are just in awe. The walls are so shiny and covered in 18th century weapons that can actually be used. I think Benjamin Powell would love to hang out with the king due to his huge ego, but also Benjamin Powell built a lot of important structures such as the steeple for the church. But in the end I think Benjamin Powell would not have met the king, because even though he is a very wealthy man he is part of the middle class because he works with his hands.

This is the bedroom of the Governors wife. Its the fanciest bed in the whole colony. She has a traditional bed for a noble.

This is my absoulute favorite item in the house in the Governors palace. These are silver swords used in the 18th century. If there was a war in place the army would go to the Governors palace and take all the weapons and bring them to the magazine. I love how the swords are aligned on the wall and how they make a interesting shape.

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