Introduction to the Era of Good Feelings During my trip to America, all the way from France I have learned a lot about what it means to be a citizen in the United States during this time era (1800's). The people here are very proud of their country that they have created and outwardly like to show their how proud they are. When I arrived this country was just starting out and trying to find their own styles in art, literature, music, and more. I feel like America is a very inspiring country because it is united over all fifty states, and is unlike any other country. This country stayed together and united during their time of need while fighting the British. During this time in the 1800's, to be an American means to be willing to fight for your country and what you believe in, and to be proud of what that is.


Davy Crockett, or the "King of wild frontier", was a politician and soldier during the early 1800's. He wrote many stories scary and comedic stories that he exaggerated to make them more funny and exciting. Crockett brought the United States a whole new type, or genre, of literature.

The Era of Bad Feelings

Although this was called the Era of Good Feelings, it wasn’t great for everyone. This time was basically only good for white men. During this period of time, slavery was a still a huge problem and even free blacks were still not even close to being equal with anyone white. This was also a very bad time to be a women because they were considered to be the property of their husbands or fathers, and had almost no rights. Women could not do pretty much anything without the consent of their husbands (or fathers before they were married). And of course there was the ongoing discrimination against homosexuals which was always a problem in America and all over the world, but now i am thinking about it all of these things were and still are today. The title of this period seems like a good time for all, but unfortunately it was not even close for most people.

Henry Clay's "American System"

Henry clay was an American lawyer who represented kentucky in the 1800’s. He also created the “American System”. This system followed the war of 1812 and it helped balance industry, commerce, and agriculture. This system was trying to steer away from the “British System”.Clays system attempted to unify the United States as a whole by equally bringing together those three key elements.

Music in the 1800's

In the 1800s America was a very new country and had all types of it’s own new music. There was different types of music which different people listened to and sang. Slaves in this time liked to sing spiritual song of hope while they were working to show they had hope and to stand up in a peaceful and subtle way. In the 1800’s the united states national anthem was also written. The Star Spangled Banner was an excerpt taken from a poem written by a soldier during the war of 1812.


This time era was called ‘The Era of Good Feeling”. Unfortunately, I would disagree with this statement. This was not a very good era at all by the sounds of it. Of course most would argue that it was, because The United States was introducing a whole new culture into the world, with new music, literature, and art, but i don’t think that this could possibly make up for the way a lot people were treated. During this time women were being treated as property of men, and not to mention how African Americans were being enslaved by our founding fathers. An estimated amount of 10.5 million African Americans were brought into slavery in the 1800’s. So, what did it mean to be an American in the 1800’s? Well I believe this question varies between different types of people. To be a women in the 1800’s meant virtually nothing because apparently they were just property. To be a rich white man, it meant that you were trying to shape your country into what it is today, with pride. All in all I think to be an American in the 1800’s meant to live your life with pride and look for hope in the future.

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