Thoughts on philosophy Tyaisha NebLETT

Unit 1


I am enthused to take philosophy because I have no prior knowledge on philosophy but, the mind blowing things I hear makes me want to learn more about it . It will be difficult for me because I'm more on the quiet side but I will be more involved in group discussions.

"The unexamined life is not worth living" if a person doesn't look in depth to what life really is it's not worth living because life is all about figuring out who you truly are.


Ten Commandments of philosophy:

1. Follow your heart and figure out what life is all about 2. Don't conform to anything until you know for sure it's true 3. Always search for the truth 4. Analyze everything you come into terms with 5. Construct an argument and doubt the obvious which people don't ever think of 6. Make objections to your position 7. Be grateful to people that correct you 8. Give simple answers to complex situations 9. Always be honest and live the right way 10. Let philosophy motivate your actions to be a better person

January 26th:

I learned that ancient philosophy was the pre-Socrates era and that they had many important schools.

January 31st:

I would follow laozi, because he was just lazy and very laid back and that's the life I would want to live which is very care free compared to a hectic life.

February 2nd

Socrates would define wisdom as he knows he doesn't know anything but other people are in denial and think they know .

I can apply the idea of Socratic wisdom to my own life because I don't actually know the meaning of success, I have an idea of what it is but I won't truly know what it is until I experience it and gain that wisdom.

Unit 2

February 7th

An example of what I believe in is Christianity and that would be categorized under religion. I would be justified to hold this belief because this belief gives me reason to believe in more.

February 9th

The position that seems closest to my own would be empiricism because I believe w learn from experience.

My answers on the questionnaire are pretty consistent because I mostly agreed with everything.

February 10th

A belief that I had held abandoned would be faith. The factors that made me reject faith was always being let down by others so I never have faith. Physiological advantages for that belief is always hoping for the best. I agree with Descartes do examine beliefs because you never truly know if they are real.

February 13th

My reflective thoughts on Descartes methods are that he was crazy in a way to always doubt everything, but he had a reasonable point to it which was we can't always trust our senses because our senses deceives us at times so we never know what's truly real or not.

February 14th

People fall in love because we all want to have that soul mate that's meant for us to make us feel complete and that person we can go back to, to confide in and support.

February 23rd

Hume's quote means that prior knowledge is the guide to life. I think this of the quote because a custom is a traditional thing we do all the time and ivy would be the guide to life because it's done so often so it can always be critiqued.

February 27th

Hume's work isn't a waste of time because he incorpates laws we use today such as natural laws and also experience and reason and I highly agree with that.

February 28th

My definition of knowledge is knowing and inhancing intelligence from experience and reason.

Unit 3

March 6th

I would rate my argumentative skills a 8.5 because I can back up my argument with examples and a good premise but I can work on doing a good conclusion more.

March 7th

It is very important to understand deductive reasoning because it's reasoning that has a conclusion and premise that gives truth. The knowledge would help people understand the world because all facts are stated. I did find it difficult, but it made sense.

March 9th

I have used formal logic in English before. We had to write argumentative speech and I had to use formal logic in my essay to get my argumentative point across.

Unit 4

March 20th

We act moral because we have standards we live by.

March 21st

I would disagree with glaucon that there would be no point in being just and moral because the way you see your self is more important than how others see you because the self guilt would affect a person more.

March 23rd

My aunts friend asked me to baby sit and I said it was no problem it's always a pleasure to watch the kid. My motives were good but all I really was looking forward to was the money. The consequence was not as good.

March 28th

I associate more with deontology because I go based off of rather what is morally right instead of the consequences of it

March 29th

What I can rake from the principles of utilitarianism are what is right or wrong and the consequences of it.

April 4th

Kant would evaluate the ethics behind assisted suicide as carrying out duty because that's what you want but bad will because your not thinking about your loved ones feelings after your gone.

April 24th

Ethics should be based on the notions of what it means to be a good person because that should be the main concern.

April 26th

Out of all my role models my grandmother is the most influential because she helps me on a day to day basis with advice on life.

May 8th

Utiliairism makes actions morally right or wrong because it depends how it affects the greater good in a negative or positive way.


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