Syrian Civil War By: Emma POpe

Long before the conflict began, many Syrians complained about high unemployment, widespread corruption, a lack of political freedom and state repression under President Bashar Al-Assad, who succeeded his father, Hafez, in 2000.

1970: Hafez al-Assad becomes President of Syria

2000: Bashar al-Assad assumes the presidency of Syria

Pro-democracy protests erupted in March 2011 in the southern city of Deraa after the arrest and torture of some teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall. After security forces opened fire on demonstrators, killing several, more took to the streets.

The violence rapidly escalated and the country descended into a civil war as hundreds of rebel brigades were formed to battle government forces for control of the country.

Swiftly countries throughout the world joined in on this civil war. Below is a image of the main people involved.

Iran sends help for Assad by giving them officers and supplies.

Hezbollah is backed by Iran fights alongside Assad

Kurds who’ve been trying to leave Assad’s rule also fight against him in hope to leave

Jordan also oppose Assad and helps the rebels fight Assad

Rebels are the people who are trying to fight against Al-Assad

Gulf States send money to turkey who then send it to the rebels.

Turkey sends money and help to rebels

Assad is the dictator of Syria and trying to have power over Syria

Al-Qaeda forms new branches in Syria so then perhaps if they won they could take over Syria

“A key factor has been the intervention of regional and world powers, including Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States.”

Big events happened through 2011-2014 in Syria. This included bans on oil, crackdown on Syria, measures against Syria, closing Syrian embassies, military action, air strikes. During 2015-2016 ISIS had taken over many of the headlines with their absurd attacks around the world. However, the past few days have been eventful for Bashar Al-Assad and Syria.

April 25, 2013 - Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announces the United States has evidence that the chemical weapon sarin has been used in Syria on a small scale.

2015 September: Russia begins air strikes against non-government targets

September 17, 2016 - US-led coalition airstrikes near Deir Ezzor Airport intended to target ISIS instead kill 62 Syrian soldiers.

Chemical weapons were used again by Bashar Al-Assad on April 4th 2017 killing at least 10 children.

The war leads on a path of destruction, destroying cities along it's way.

Below are lists of what the war has created and affected

"An entire generation of young people have been exposed to the horrors of war and denied access to basic services such as education and healthcare." - Mr. Noyes

So many people have died in Syria throughout this war. Someone put a study out saying it would be equivalent to the whole city of Syracuse dead.

"The UN tally is unlikely to represent the full picture because the organisation stopped counting the number of those killed almost two years ago because of the difficulty in obtaining accurate figures."

Immigration is also another huge result of this war. Millions of people are displaced and left homeless.

“Hundreds of men have disappeared after fleeing rebel-held districts in the Syrian city of Aleppo, the United Nations said Friday…”

Thousands and millions of people, that once made up a country, are now fleeing to neighboring countries. They now have to create a lifestyle in a completely new "world" with unfamiliar traditions.

What if the war finally ended?

After six years, if the war were to end, it would take much rebuilding to bring it back to how it once was.

"The dire situation means any peace deal will not automatically solve the country's problems. What comes afterwards is just as crucial to ensuring the safety, stability and future happiness of Syrian citizens. And with a 21 per cent decrease in the population in the last five years, there will be fewer people to rebuild the country."

However, this does not mean it could not be fulfilled. Hopefully one day this war will be history and rejuvenation will be prevailing.

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