The Eurasian ruffe is an invasive species. its classification kingdom is phylum or division:chordata class:osteichtyhes order peradia subfamily:percome that is the classification of my awesome invasive species the Eurasian ruffe.

there are many physical,structural and behavioral characteristics. it has spikes in its spines,rays,olive and golden brown,small mouth,gills those are just some of the characteristics that this invasive invasive species have. you might be wondering how many spikes it has it has 14 but behind the spiky one it has a soft and smooth fin. this fish is very small and fast they may look cute but there no they are really dangerous. you do not want to come in contact with one of these ever if you do call animal patrol.

you can find the Eurasian ruffe in many places for example lake Huron,superior and lake Michigan. they can adapt to wide ranges of environmental conditions for example no see threw water they like to hide behind plants like see weed and plankton. it invades Asian carp,eel,bullheads and trout. they also get invaded buy a lot of other species like the Asian carp because it eats all of there food so the fish keep dyeing and there becomes less and less.

hears how the Eurasian ruffe migrates to a new place it dose this buy catching on to the edge of the boat and stays until the boat stops and then they get off the end of the boat and they start in a new habitat then they swim to there needed destination trying to get no eaten.

these animals can have huge impact. they can damage native sport fish populations,yellow perch for food and habitat they have rapid production witch fills up the Eco system and takes away food and huge growth rates.

you need to no what to do if you come in counter with one of theses you need to inspect your boat,don't realize,contact animal patrol,return to pet store.



Created with images by j van cise photos - "in flight with Great Egret ~ Ardea alba ~ Lake Huron" • Coast Guard News - "Coast Guard Rescues Capsized Mariners" • prilfish - "Eggs of Anemone Fish" • BuzzFarmers - "Caught a fish."

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