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“AVALANCHE!!!” The worst is at the beginning—getting to camp 1— an avalanche could cover you, you could fall into a crevasse, or by shifting seracses.One man in the documentary has gone up everest several times, and every time someone dies. Even the most experienced climbers could die. One climber was Bobu Shepca, he climbed Everest 10 times, the most times any Sherpa has climbed. But sadly on his 11th try up the mountain he died from falling into a crevasse. This man was as experienced as they come, but he tool met a sad fate. The climb is also VERY expensive. For 7 people to climb Everest it is an average cost of $275,000. These are my reasons why I think climbing Mount Everest is not worth the risk.

We need to make the world more united as one. In my opinion globalization is the way to do this. In the TCI textbook it says that many different parts of sneakers are made in different places. This means that all of these different factories and places need each other in order to succeed. If every part of a sneaker was made in the same place or any object for that matter, many people would lose their jobs and their money. They wouldn't be able to pay for food, their home, clothes, etc. Globalization can help so many people and their familíes pay for things they need.

There are so many parts to the shoe, the resources are from different places.

People from all over the world work on the design for the shoe, which gives the, a job to provide for themselves and their families.

Designs and resources come from different parts of the world but most of the manufacturing comes from Asia.

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What does it mean to be a good citizen? A good citizen stays informed, pays their taxes, follows the law, they also vote and stand up for what they believe in, and tolerate other citizens. I feel that many people stay informed about what is going on in the U.S (for example) by watching the news, reading a magazine or paper, and or by listening to the radio. In my opinion good citizens pay their taxes so that they can help the U.S fund things that they need like water, food, protection, military, and to help the poor. I know that many good citizens follow the law to stay out of trouble, so they don't go to jail or have to pay a fine for their bad behavior. I also feel that many people vote and stand up for what they believe in because they know that their opinion matters. They also know that by speaking up for what they believe in can make the world a better place one step at a time. I believe that a lot of people take rate others because getting upset or hurting them will only make them feel worse about them selves.

What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government? In an unlimited government the leader can do whatever they want and in a limited government the leader has certain rights and responsibilities. Also in an unlimited government they have no rule of law but in a limited government they do have a rule of law. When you have a government like an oligarchy only a couple people have power, and if you have a unlimited government they can get too much power. If they have too much power they can want more power and start a war. But, when you have a government like an oligarchy with a limited government they can't get too much power and are kept an eye on.Most countries in the world have a rule of rights and separation of power, but sometimes people find a loophole and create an unlimited government. When this happens most of the time a person that has power wants more power and becomes a dictator. In the end the people get control again and create a new limited government and make more powerful rules of law and separation of power.One example of this was in 1990 in Peru the people elected a new president called Alberto Fujimori. At first he was a great president and strived to get more money for Peru and get rid of terrorists that had taken of small of parts in their country. Over time Alberto Fujimori became power hungry and tear gassed members of the congress to keep them from meeting. Then he arrested people who disagreed with him. Once he had complete control he got rid of the terrorists and got Peru more money. Then he killed the terrorists without a fair trial. A scandal broke out and he was forced out of the country but found in Japan and put in jail.The unlimited government people in charge can do anything without getting in trouble, but a limited government is when if the people in charge step out of line they get in trouble.

Some forces that work against the supranational cooperation among the nations are that Western Europe is wealthier than the Eastern part of Europe so the western side has to pay for more things so that the wealth evens out, but the western side does not want to lose all their money. Another force that is working against the EU is that some people don't what to give up all their political power to them. The last thing that is dividing the EU is that some people do not what to learn more then one large which is their own countries. Western Europe feels that they don't want to pay for all these extra things because it could put them into dept. So what some people do is move to the Eastern side of the EU so that they don't have to pay for these extra things and can keep their money. Other people decide to take a stand and say that it's not fair for them to be the only ones paying for these thing and that everyone in the EU should pay with them.One thing that the people have to pay extra for in the west is they have to pay their employees more so most business move to the east so they don't have to pay as much, and then some working families move to the west so they can earn more. Some countries in the EU don't want to give up all their political party because that they should get to make the rules. Even though they joined they EU they feel that they should get to limit their imagination, what kind of money they use, and the laws. But because they joined the EU this means that they can't reside on those things and that makes them angry. So many countries are thinking about leaving the EU. One example of this is the United Kingdom. They feel that they should get to limit their immigration to whatever they want, keep the currency they have, and make the laws instead of the EU. To do this they have to have the countries support, and to get that support they have started a campaign called “say NO to the EU.The EU says that you have to know up to 3 langurs like your country's native language, English, and French. To many people this is very annoying and don't agree with this new rule. They think that they should only have to know their own language. These things can separate the EU, but if they try to reason with all the countries then they can still save the European Union.

How do people adapt to living in the desert region?People adapt to living in the desert in different ways. Many people live near oases and others are nomadic herders. The nomadic herders move through the Sahara and the Sahel in search of needed resources.In the desert, droughts are very common. Water is necessary for survival. That's why it's hard for mankind the live in the desert. Because the desert is so hot and there is little water, people dress in flowy robes to keep cool and scarves that protect their faces from the sand storms. The main group that wears flowing robes and scarves over their faces are the Tuareg. This nomadic group raises camels, goats, cattle, and or sheep. Having these animals makes it easier for things to be carried. This also means that these people are always on the move so they can find water and food for their animals.A different way of surviving in the desert is to live near an oasis to get easy access water and some foods. This helps them to live in the hot desert of the Sahara. Many people live near oases to get water and some foods. This helps if they are struggling to find food and need a sure place to go if they have a shortage. A lot of farming also goes on in oasis because of the green grasses. Another food source are the animals live in the oasis with the humans.People have different ways to survive in the desert. They all do things to protect themselves and their families.

“Black Gold” has made most of this region very wealthy but other parts do not have much oil say they stay the same. Even though oil has made these countries wealthier it doesn't mean that there is no communism and the HDI has also gone down from oil.Many people in this region are still very poor even though the oil should be helping them. But what really happens is most of the money from oil goes to the government, maybe the royal family, and higher classed citizens. Crude oil is hard to get so much of the money could also go into making more machines to get more money.In a documentary about how Dubai became one of the most luxurious cities in the world it told us that one oil rig that moves can cost more than $30,000,000. These a oil rigging machines are so expensive because of the materials made by them. Sense crude oil is harder and harder to find they need to start making more of the moving rigging oil machines. This is only one reason why the lower class are not making any more money than before. The bigger reasons are because sometimes the royal family takes a lot of money for itself. One example of this is the royal family of Saudi Arabia, this aspectual showed during their 2002 vacation. Them and 3,000 guests went to Marbella,Spain and over that week they spent of $182 million.Some of the life expectancies have dropped to 30-45, and the living infancy mortality rate has gotten worse every few years. If these numbers keep dropping there could be even fewer people moving to Central and Southwest Asia.Some of the life expectancies have dropped to 30-45, and the living infancy mortality rate has gotten worse every few years. If these numbers keep dropping there could be even fewer people moving to Central and Southwest Asia.Even though I have mostly focused on the bad things that have happened because of the oil there are also good things. Many people do try to stay on the positive side, but we must also acknowledge the bad sides because of the effects they could have in the future.

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