Life in the 1930's Ryan tuttle

Farming in the 30s was rough, this is about when the dust bowl started. He top soil flew off and it became impossible to grow food. And the dust storms killed many livestock.

The families in the 30s were starting to see a better life. They had acces to doctors via cars, and also they had many new things. Their lives were becoming easier and enjoyable thanks to many new inventions.

City life changed rapidly. With the invention of cars and radios, people became much more social. They would drive their cars to wherever. But that meant people would sit in traffic for a while. Business also started to boom because of credit cards. That eventually lead to debt and the stock market crash.

Minority's did not have a good time in the 30s. They were brushed to the side and almost forgotten. But they started to come to light at the end of the 30s.

Finally, onto leisure time in the 30s. People had an abundance of things to do. The biggest one was baseball and boxing. But baseball was a bigger deal with Babe Ruth.

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