Critical thinking in Fake News By:Eli Slade

What Is Critical thinking?

Critical thinking lets us investigate content and make an informed decision by removing bias or manipulation.

How To Use Critical Thinking?

When reading investigate the text and look at things in a straightforward, unbiased way without using our own opinion.

-Ask a question that allows us to decipher information without bias. Eg. Why is this article popular? Does the info come from a reliable source?

-Gather info from reliable sources.,

-Apply the info you found to make an informed decision.

How it helps detect fake news?

Using Critical thinking can help us investigate an article. We can investigate by using the steps listed above to dig deeper into the article. We can ask ourselves "where does the info come from"? Then go to other websites like or, and see what they say about the article. After completeing all of these steps we can make an informed unbiased opinion about the information.

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