Montgomery Bus Boycott Clairie Ries

Martin Luther King Jr. speech on the Bus Boycott lead in Montgomery.

Background Info

Leading up to this event, African Americans wanted the equal rights to be able to sit wherever they wanted on city buses. Four days prior to the boycott beginning, Rosa Parks was arrested for not surrendering her seat to a white man, she was then was arrested.

The boycott took place in Montgomery, Alabama from December 5, 1955 until December 20, 1956. These 381 days were continued as long as Rosa Park was being trailed.

Goal of the Event

The African American community was working to accomplish many things. With them making up 75% of the city bus ridership, they used their advantage in numbers to prove their point. They wanted equal rights and to end segregation as a whole and use this event to make the movement get ahead.

Who Was Involved?

The African American Residents of Montgomery worked with strong leaders of the civil rights movement. Besides Martin Luther King Jr., they were accompanied by the U.S Supreme Court, the Womans Political council, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Martin Luther King Jr. expressing his protest.

Obstacles to Overcome

At this time, the African American community had many roadblocks in their way. This group was working for their equal rights but faced many battles with segregation and discrimination from other groups. Using the power in numbers, 13 months of strong devotion expressed the importance of the event to the city.


The outcome of this event was a big milestone in the civil rights battle for equality between races. Desegregating busses lead to the desegregation of other places. The interracial mix started becoming a social norm. This social norm was needed in order to bring equality between the races of our country.

Modern Inequality

The Montgomery Bus boycott can be connected to the work done with Peta and their petition again Seaworld. After a long hard battle and boycott against Seaworld, it was finally released that they would end their breeding program for Orca Whales. This is important because these friendly creatures are kept captive in inhumane ways. Taken out from the large ocean and being kept in tanks equivalent to the size of a bath tub for the remainder of their, now shortened, life. The breeding program ban puts an end to many Orcas facing the poor treatment of Seaworld. Through boycotting, both these events gained an advantage on what they were working towards. African Americans gained desegregation of busses and stepped forward in their movement as well as Peta gained the ban of a breeding program, to protect the safety of earth creatures.

Peta protesting boycott

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