Native Americans How did colonists affect Native American lives?

Did you know that thousands of Native Americans were kicked out of their homeland Georgia and Tennessee? They had to walk from Georgia to Oklahoma. How did all this happen? The Cherokee tribe once lived peacefully in Georgia then one day... the Europeans came. They came for land. The European's land was small and they needed some place to have a home. They wanted the Natives to move out and go some where else. The Government also thought that the USA would be better without the Native Americans. So they told them to move out of their homeland Georgia and Tennessee. The Cherokee didn't want to get into a fight with the Government so they just left.So the Cherokee walked from Georgia to Oklahoma. Many died from cold weather and illness. About 13,000 survived and about 4,000 died. When the Cherokee arrived to Oklahoma they were provided with meat and flour from the Army. The Army was told to walk with them and make sure that they wouldn't go any where else.

In 1539 Hernando De Soto landed on Native American land. This was the first time the NA's have seen any men from Spain. De Soto was exploring the US. He also brought along a group of Spanish soldiers when he arrived at Cherokee towns. The Cherokee leader welcome de Soto.The Cherokee leader already knew what De Soto was doing in past, killing innocent NA's and holding some as slaves. This worked for a while. But then De Soto asked the leaders where the gold and silver were. He also asked for the mines. De Soto thought that the US had lots of gold and he could gain wealth.The Cherokee leaders didn't understand what he was saying. De Soto got angry and killed some men and woman, including the tribe leader. He also took some men and woman away to be slaves for the Spanish men.

In 1680 The Pueblo Indians went against Spain and took back their homeland for 12 years!

Many years before the Spanish took over, the Pueblo Indians once lived in New Mexico. Soon they got pushed out because of the Spanish settlers. Many years later the Pueblo invaded the area they once lived in and settlers were not prepared for this so they skedaddled and the Pueblo lived in their village for over 12 years!

The beginning of French and Indian war started between France and Great Britain. Indian tribes were involved.

In 1754 the French and Great Britain were fighting over the Ohio country. This land was between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River. Both wanted it for the fur trade, and for future settlers. Both European countries used Native American claims to the land. The British said it belonged to their Iroquois Indians, and the French said it belonged to their Hurons. Soon war started. Blood,screams and death. The fighting in North America stopped on Sept. 8, 1760.France lost all of its North American lands east of the Mississippi River. All of Canada was now Britain territory except for two small islands near Newfoundland. Britain offered France the choice to give up either its Canadian land or the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique which British troops had taken during the war. France chose to keep the islands which were valuable for their sugar plantations.

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