Geodesic gridshell workshop 2017 Joint research and teaching together with Buro happold, Big Engineering and Core studios Thornton Tomasetti

Foto and text: Emil Adiels

The design

Making of the of the plywood laths

Production drawings for all the 8 different laths, that are repeated 8 times.
The making of the plywood laths from the plywood board to the connecting the segments into full length members

Making of the of the base plates

Production drawings for the base plates, the plates are made of two layers of 12mm plywood glued and screwed together. Due to symmetry we could use one CNC file and turn one layer upside down to cover the joints.

Assembly and erection

Showing the erection scheduele where four different groups of students starts on the outside workings inwards. Then they took the middle ones and then ends with the laths inbetween. The different colours represent the 8 different laths that are repeated 8 times.

Exhibition party

Organizers of the workshop, from the left: Nicolo Bencini, Cecilie Brandt, Isak Näslund, Emil Adiels and Emil Poulsen
Organizers: Emil Adiels,Nicolo Bencini,Cecilie Brandt-Olsen, Isak Näslund, Emil Poulsen, Puria Safari
Poster for the the workshop at Chalmers showing all the participating members and companies. Cramo did supply us with power tools, thanks Cramo!

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