Ming Dynasty Their creations

Zhong He's fleet of roughly 300 ships was one of the most notable achievements of the Ming. Their sheer numbers made the British fleets look like toys, and the largest re-fitted junks had nine masts. Zhong He died not long after the construction of the fleet and with his death, the emperor ordered the return and burning of all ships and records of exploration.

The political and social structure were high up on the Ming's list because they were the first natives to rule in a long time.

The Ming actually imposed laws on art and forced certain styles, for this reason much of the art during the Ming dynasty looks very similar. "The reestablishment of an indigenous Chinese ruling house led to the imposition of court-dictated styles in the arts." (The Metropolitan museum of art, 2002)

China obviously had enough money to build a fleet of ships and pay for art. The Ming benefited from the silk road and collecting taxes from their people. (Economics)
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