A New Football Camp Skills and plays

Does your child like the NFL? Do they want to be in it someday? Well they better get to work!

Hi my name is LJ Beswick and my project is about an exciting football camp that kids are going to want to come to. Does your child like football? Do they want to be in the NFL someday? Well they better get to work!

I'm the creator of a football camp coming out and it can teach your child how to improve their skills in football, but first there are some necessary skills to know. A necessary skill is throwing. It takes a lot of practice. Some reason that it needs a lot of practice are... Another reason why it takes a lot of practice because they must have an accurate arm.

In order to have a awesome tackle they need to follow these directions. The first step is to wrap your arms around the waist and you kind of pick to opposing player up and you slam him to the ground.

Here are some things about fields. All football camps are on a field or a football field. The field needs to be wide open where there is nothing around. The field is either turf or grass. Each field has a name so you can find it.

Here are some places to practice and play football games. Kelly Field is located at 601 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA 19382. You can also play at Rustin High School, 1100 Shiloh Road, West Chester, PA 19382. You can play at the USTC which is located at 1426 Marshalton Thorndale Road, Downingtown, PA 19335.

These are some helpful tips to get you to find football camps and football skills.


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