Adapting To Climate Change Forestry department

Brian McGill-

"Evidence that the cumulative effects of human activities are changing the world’s climate has become all but irrefutable. This would be a summary lead, because it gives a basic idea of what the problem is."

Climate change is obviously beginning to mess up the balance of humanity and nature. The harsh climate's scorching heat is melting icecaps, burning forests, and screwing up animal habitat.

Who- Humanity and nature are getting harmed by climate change. What- Climate change is being caused by human action, and must be stopped. Where- Climate change is going to severely harm forests, swallow up coastal areas, and colder areas. When- modern atmosphere. Why- because polluting the air and rigging climate is a major problem that must be fixed. How- figuring out how to remove fossil fuels and find natures resistances is how we will get our advantage

Forests are in extreme danger. In extreme atmosphere, forest fires will be more common, which will lead to a threat for nature and humanity. A quote to show an example is "Climate change in some areas is already providing insect species with increasingly hospitable habitats, while their movement is further facilitated by wider global commerce." Also, this climate is going to bring in new animals, and the ecosystem will get screwed up. Also, this heat might possible brew in insects with foreign disease that normal habitants won't resist.

Our coasts are in a lot of trouble. Due to this climate change, the melting of large icecaps will create major amounts of water. When these icecaps melt, water will spread out, and flood our coats. Places like NYC, Miami, and other low leveled coasts will get swallowed up by the sea. If something is not done, the sea's rising will severely harm humanity and nature.

"In this special issue, even the usual sections on FAO Forestry, World of Forestry and Books highlight the theme of forests and climate change."

I think what I stated clearly proves that climate change Is treacherous, and adapting to it will be nearly impossible.


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