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Prijon Curve Pro - first thoughts...

So myself (Tom) and John recently took the new Prijon Curve 2.5 Pro and Prijon Curve 3.0 Pro out for a spin, this is what we thought...

With not much water about it was decided a trip to the East Lynn would be the best bet with a little bit of water and gradient, it would be a good testing ground.

With only one car there was no easy way for a shuttle so we decided to park at the get out and walk up with the kayaks.

The first thing we noticed about Prijon Curve was how light they are. The walk up the river is not that long but is fairly steep in places; it was no problem carrying the Curve on our shoulders. The Prijon Curves weigh approximately 17kg each and is much lighter than any other kayak on the market. We have both paddled boats such as the Burn, Mamba, Raptor and Remix and can honestly say that the Curve is without doubt lighter than any of these kayaks.

Prijon have not just made a basic outfitting which is light but have made a solid outfitting that is lightweight. The Pro outfitting is very comfortable, when you first sit in the Curve you feel that your legs are a little straighter than in some other kayak but you soon get used to it. The thigh grips are very aggressive and come down quite far which does make it harder to get out so not everyone will like this but they are fully adjustable not just forward and backwards but they can also be moved left and right. Due to this and the adjustable backrest you can get a very close fit in the curve.

The backrest was again very comfortable and did not slip down like many others that we have used.

Overall the outfitting was very comfortable and after a couple of hours paddling we were both able to feel our legs still. We both currently paddle Liquid Logic kayaks and both agree that the Prijon Curve Pro Outfitting was more comfortable and lighter than our current ones.

On the water you soon realise the Curve is a little narrow at the front but this meant that forward speed was good and made the kayak go where you wanted it to fast. Due to its hull shape it turned with ease as well making the Curve easy to eddy in and eddy out.

The Curve has a slightly low volume tail which can and did catch us out on some of the steeper drops but due to all the volume being in the middle made staying upright easy.

The Curve has some soft edges on it which makes it nice and stable and easy to roll which will help the paddler that is just starting out. For the more advanced boater it makes it great for surfing and playing the river.

We both agreed that the East Lynn is the steepest river we would paddle the curve on, having said that we are both egger to get the Curve out on big volume such as a high water Dart.

The Prijon Curve is made in Germany from HTP plastic and blow-moulded making the Curve strong and lightweight. After a day on a low East Lyn which had many rocks showing the hull of the kayaks showed wear and tear but no major scratches or a deep gouge which is a testament to the plastic.

Overall we both enjoyed paddling the Prijon Curve and both agreed that it would be a good boat to build your confidence and skill level rather than sitting in the biggest boat you can and floating over everything.

We now just need some water so that we can test it on our home run, the Upper Dart.

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