The Follow Up November 2016

With the holiday season right around the corner, the jolly faces of Purdue Admissions continued to spread spirit & cheer by singing the praises of Purdue loud and clear for every prospective student to love and hear.

Nice Quote of the Month

"I loved the campus, and the "homey" feel I received. Everyone was so kind, and being out of state, that made me feel like I would easily find friends. All the classes and schools have top-of-the-line facilities and stellar professors. I will get awesome clinical experience that will prepare me for the real world!"

"I appreciate how well you take care of your students. There wasn't a single aspect of my visit where I had second thoughts or any negative feelings. I fell in love with Purdue."

"The campus tour was a lot more informative and interactive than some of the other campus tours that I have been on. I got to really see all the things that Purdue had to offer."

"Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The tour guides talked a lot about the great reputation Purdue graduates and degrees have, which is an incentive to work hard to be accepted to Purdue. Also, the campus felt like home with several options for food, extracurricular activities, courses and transportation."

"Very well organized and directions about the visit were well explained. Although Purdue is a big university, there was a friendly sense around the campus that made us feel comfortable."

"I enjoyed the campus tour, and it provided a comprehensive overview of many aspects at Purdue. I also liked the presentation from an admissions counselor specifically how Purdue distinguishes itself as the best choice for me."

"I cannot even express how satisfied my daughter and I were with the whole experience. The campus is beautiful, the students were friendly, the engineering department was amazing."

"Great student tour guides"

"All the facilities and residential buildings were nice and well maintained and with the amenities provided it looked like a great place to live. The people I met all seemed very nice and there was a strong sense of community and I didn't see a single person who didn't have a smile on their face. The availability of internships and research opportunities were also very cool. There is really too much to list, I was originally interested in purdue because of its fantastic engineering program and after seeing campus there is nothing not to like.

"I loved how modern the campus felt. Everything seemed to have been updated recently, and I was happy to hear that Purdue is constantly working to stay modern."

"I liked the campus. The students seemed happy and had a lot of school pride. Every staff member we met went above and beyond in making us feel welcome. The Dean was walking by and made a point to stop and introduce himself. The academic caliber of the program I'm interested in was top notch."

"I loved how enthusiastic the campus tour guides were, you could really tell how passionate they are about Purdue. My questions were answered directly and thoroughly as well.

Mean Quote of the Month

"Just very disappointed in the 'hospitality'. Biggest issues - never offered a map or any assistance with how to get around campus. And walked an extreme amount for what we really saw"

"Some of the buildings and the tour route wasn't accessible and the tour guide was oblivious to the needs of the audience"

"The tour guide shamed Greek life, which is something I am highly interested in and it made me feel like they don't appreciate their school as a whole.

"The tour guide just led us around while reciting facts - but did not really tell us how to navigate the campus, explain where we were going. It is very hard to digest so many facts about 'history', 'professor awards' 'stuff' while walking from one place to another and still figure out where you are being led or ending up. Was totally lost the entire time."

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