Bathroom disputes Everyone needs to use the facilities it's just a human necessity

The transgender bathroom debate has been a heavy topic certainly in the past few years until now since 2015. For instance the media has had an increase in the publicity of the matter and one of the key cover stories is the debate of Transgender Bathrooms.

Reasons being people believe that they should use the bathroom of their choice or the closest to their birth gender.

I propose that we should have unisex bathrooms for everyone, and with that we can silence the controversy.

We can start making people feel comfortable as well as safe in the process and private unisex bathrooms can help us do that.


If we build more separate unisex bathrooms that everyone can use we can help stop the doubts about transgender individuals. If we make unisex bathrooms a common idea people can feel more comfortable and not to worry who's using the bathroom with them.If we build separate bathrooms we can stop the doubts of transgen

If we make unisex bathrooms a more universal idea we can make people feel safer when using the facilities. I think we can end the problem towards others if we make this adjustment. We can make everyone feel safer overall.

Despite building codes that would need to take place to make more unisex bathrooms a more universal idea. If we do this onetime thing it will make up for it in the long run.

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