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Jim McNeill - self portrait during the filming of Frozen Planet


Jim McNeill is one of the world’s most experienced and respected explorers and has clocked up over 35 years of expeditioning in the world's most remote and harshest environments. Unlike most explorers he comes from a very humble background, being born and brought up on a council estate in north London and firmly believes that if he can achieve what he has done to date, then most people can, too.

As well as selecting, training and leading expedition teams into the wildest places on Earth, Jim has held leadership roles within the environmental science sector, the military, the emergency services - as a fire and rescue specialist and in senior commercial roles.

Jim's extensive safety skills and experience in extreme environments are sought after by companies from the BBC where Jim has been integral to productions such as Frozen Planet, Human Planet, Last Explorers, Natural World Series through companies building and testing helicopters and airliners, to mining and prospecting companies; even the odd blockbuster movie such as Captain America.

In January 2001, Jim conceived the ‘Ice Warrior’ Project with the idea of bringing the reality of global climate change to audiences around the globe. Since then, he has trained over 350 people, conducted 7 major expeditions and been cited in many scientific papers and leading publications. The story will continue next year, when Jim will lead his third attempt at achieving the last great world ‘first’ in polar expeditioning - to be the first person to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility at the very centre of the Arctic Ocean. A crucial piece of Citizen Science and for the betterment of humankind.

In his keynote talks, Jim shares with great honesty and openness what he has learned about how to achieve optimum performance, no matter what the external conditions. Prepare yourself for stories of humorous mishaps, failures, accidents, near disasters, strange happenings and success.

In High Arctic Canada - flying the flag for Cancer Research UK

Unique benefits of working with Jim:

• Unique blend of corporate, critical crisis and extreme expedition leadership experience

• First hand witness to the effects of climate change in the Polar Regions

• Thought provoking insights into how humans react to danger and pressure

• Stunning photography and video footage

Building a stronger team starts with building a better you

Leadership & Team Training in Norway

In this keynote, Jim helps leaders to move beyond the personal agendas and petty politics that often damage personal and organisational success. He offers a vision of leadership where self-understanding and stronger teams deliver greater success

• Start with yourself - Be straight with yourself and accepting of your weaknesses

• Build the team - Agree with your team what you expect of them and what they should expect of you

• Protect the team - The importance of taking a moment to review and reflect - even, or especially, in the midst of a crisis situation

• Test the team - Know when to ask for more from your team and how to get it

We're loosing Arctic ice at an increasing and very alarming rate

Look after the ice and all will be cool

In this keynote, Jim helps leaders to understand the reality of climate change and the role they can play in securing our planet’s future. Your audience will leave feeling humbled and with a shared desire to look after our planet

• Understand - Get up to speed on the realities of climate change and the essential science behind it

• Challenge - Get the opportunity to ask questions of a first hand witness

• Explore solutions - Get inspired by previous environmental success stories

• Your role - How leaders can contribute towards the solution and build their brands at the same time

Interviewing Sir David Attenborough on stage at the Natural History Museum

What others are saying...

"Excellent - very engaging, very relaxed style, with a good level of humour" Pfizer

“Nothing less than inspirational... an authoritative blend of raw experience with practical coaching.” Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP

“Jim McNeill offers his audience an entertaining and fascinating insight into his truly remarkable adventures. His courage, unyielding determination and dedication to achieving the seemingly impossible left all those in the room feeling humbled and inspired. Any business serious about success should hear his message.” Sue Thexton – Managing Director, ITN Source

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Jim and guests on his annual Icons Interviewed Series, London

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