Modeling Change Project By Anastasia

During this project our class worked on graphing data. We chose a topic making sure that we have at least a set of 15 points, graphed them, and looked at 3 intervals. Later we made one overall line of best fit. My choice was the population of Russia over the last 116 years - since 1900 to 2016. My data was increasing until it dropped a little and was staying the same. I finished at 2016 because 2017 is still going on now. This drop may be caused from immigration to other countries. Here is my data split into 3 intervals.

Interval 1

population of russia vs years since 1900

interval 2

population of russia vs years since 1900

interval 3

population of russia vs years since 1900

without lines of best fit

population of russia vs years since 1900

My calculations for the three intervals

My overall line of best fit

To find my line of best fit I used a linear equation, first i wanted to use another equation because of the small drop at the end, but seeing as a linear fitted best I used it.

My calculations for the predictons

It shows that in the year 2067 the population will be 185 mil, the year 2112 - 352 mil. I do not believe that this is true because even now the population in russia is slowly decreasing because of the amount of deaths vs births.

Thank you for listening

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