The Bean by REynel Previlon

Problem- The bean does not have a lot of good food choices.

The Bean does not have many options for people the choose from, and the food is not always good. Some students cant even eat what the cooks have prepared so they are forced to use there bean bucks or go out to eat.

3 Introduce solution-

A) Make better food options-

B) Rebuild more fast food options at the bean

C) Give more bean bucks

Pros: The food would be better, better food options, wider variety, Cons: Too expressive to rebuild, not enough time and space to rebuild

4 My solution- (Add healthier and more enjoyable foods to the menu) As an athlete it is very important that I must eat a lot thought the day. If I have to eat the same meals every time I go to the bean then I’m not going to want to eat what they have.

5 Justify solution- Once someone continues to do the same thing repeatedly, they are going to want to switch up what they are doing after a while. Having multiple option to choose from is better for students so no one will leave the bean empty handed.


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