Verapilon Architects CC (Pty) LTD, (CK 2013/084902/07) - Founded by Tshepo Moloi (a Qualified and Experienced Architectural Technologist) in the year 2013, whom had a vision of restoring historic buildings that needed innovation. He furthered to acquire a (N.Dip) in Project Management - PMBOK Guild-5, specialising in construction management to further grow and manage the business.
The company is made of qualified team members, which only creates the best designs and also gives the client a platform to obtain their desired outcomes.
The company has accomplished prominent results in both residential and commercial projects over the years since its inception. Projects that Verapilon Architects CC have worked on include refurbishing a building, developing a property from natural ground level up, project management and construction works.

Tshepo Moloi - Qualified Engineer

I’m a Qualified Architectural Technologist with the following in context: Building Sciences Construction, Sciences Technologist Structures, Urban Town Planning Schemes, Designing Principles, Structural Buildings Designs engineer & Civil Practice Engineering, Geotechnical Surveying Data capturing, Engineering Piping and Drainages, Building Designs Structural Steel Detailing Engineer, Reinforcement scheduling, Fixing Steel, Concrete & Masonry Engineering Designs, Computer Applications & Specifications (AutoCad, Revit, SketchUp, Small World & Google Earth) amongst others.

I have 7 year experience working as a Registered Architect & PM guild. I have over 60 completed projects, built and approved drawings. My company is fully registered and strives to push black excellency. Verapilon CC has over 7 years working in design, solving problem to enable solutions and experience in project management relations in infrastructure environment.

In its current standing, Verapilon upholds the standards of projects done under the South African Regulations and completed all projects using the advanced technology in the CAD rendering software.

Verapilon Architects CC Designs plus ones created with CAD rendering software.

Mission and Vision

To create a relationship and ensure common ground exists between a client and an architect’s work when proposing, building and completing a project.
To provide quality and professional skills in the proposition, execution and closing of our business deals.
To create employment in the black community, especially the youth, through our workmanship.
To implement change in South African 4th industrial revolution.
Our vision is to design structured buildings that accelerate the meaning of history, culture and a monumental image.



Domestic Housing
RDP Housing
Shipping Container Structure
Duplex/Complex Housing
Estate Housing
Multiple Story Housing


Structure brings security to learning facilities
What is an office without organisation?
Shopping Complex
A shop without a structure is a fallen empty trolley
Fuel Station
What’s a drive without being fuelled?
Sport Recreation Centers
Home doesn’t have enough ground
The garage space comes to an end and something new begins
Warehouse Firms

Verapilon Architects are registered with the South African Council of the Architectural Professional (SACAP)

Created By
Goitsemang Mvula


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