Reflective Letter Chase Ashworth

Dear Dr. Sullivan,

I’m usually not a big fan of English but your class I actually enjoyed a whole lot. Your class isn’t like the other classes. You’re more up to date and teach things in a way where its easy to understand. I learned a lot of things in your class that will help me in the future. Honestly, one of my favorite things we did in your class was writing the essays. I know its crazy because nobody likes writing essays but using Adobe Spark and Atavist it made writing more fun. You let us choose what we wanted to write about for ever essays which is rare. You made me a better writer and made me more creative. You taught me to think outside the box and open up my mind more. Another thing I liked doing was the movie posters. It was fun being able to write about things like that using; ethos, locus, and pathos. I learned how to describe all the different elements in a picture and find the central focus of the image. I also learned about the vectors in photos, vectors make it easy to find the central focus of the image. Another thing I learned from you is that if you want to have a good essay, you have to have a good thesis. You stressed that a lot and I’m glad you did because its something that I will always remember when I am writing essays in the future. So, thank you for everything you have taught me this semester, you’re definitely one of my favorite professors I’ve had. If I had the chance to take you again I defiantly would and I will for sure recommend people to take your class. It was a lot of fun.

Sincerely, Chase


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