How to make a stick bridge By: Maddie Dickerman

Materials Used:

Popsicle sticks


Paper clips

Water bottles

Rubber bands


Sides of Bridge

  1. First lay 11 sticks out on the newspaper. Then place the sticks on top of each other so that they are overlapping 1/4 of the stick evenly.
  2. Glue together two sticks on just one stick so that there is a gap in between the two sticks. Place paper clips on the end of each stick where they are glued.

3. Continue to do this to all of the other sticks until you have used all of them.

4. Then start gluing all of the groups of three's together until the sticks form one line. Place paper clips on the edges of the newly glued places.

5. Let dry for 4 hours.

6. Take off paper clips.

7. Get nine sticks and place one drop of glue in each gap.

8. Then place, on the glue dots, sticks going vertical. Make sure they are as straight as possible.

9. Place paper clips over newly glued sticks to keep them in place to dry.

10. Let dry for 4 hours.

11. Take off paper clips.

12. Next make an X between the two vertical sticks. Place glue on the ends and middle of all of the sticks.

13. Repeat step 12 until all of the vertical sticks are filled with newly glued X's. Put paper clips on places that are newly glued.

14. Let dry for 4 hours.

15. Take off paper clips.

16. Along the base were the vertical sticks are going up place sticks overlapping the bottom of the vertical sticks to add support.

17. Take 4 sticks and glue them on the top of the vertical sticks to make them go horizontal. Make sure that you skip the first stick.

18. Then put paper clips on sticks that are glued.

19. Let dry for 4 hours.

20. Take off paper clips.

21. Take 4 more paper clips and overlap and glue them over the sticks that were overlapping the top vertical sticks.

22. Place paper clips over the newly glued areas.

23. Let dry for 4 hours.

24. Take off paper clips.

25. Take 16 sticks to put then in pairs of 2 to form X's. Glue them onto the vertical parallel until all the sticks are used.

26. Place paper clips on newly glued areas.

27. Let dry for 4 hours.

28. Take off paper clips.

29. Take 2 sticks and glue them together so that they are connecting to the top and bottom on the very edge of the bridge.

30. Then take 2 more sticks and repeat step 29 to the opposite side.

31. Then put paper clips on sticks that are glued.

32. Let dry for 4 hours.

33. Take off paper clips.

34. Repeat all steps above to form the other side of the bridge.

Top of Bridge

35. Place the two sides of the bridge parallel to each other.

36. Take water bottle so that the are standing up in between the two parallel sides of the bridge.

37. Then take the rubberbands. Put them around the outside of the sides of the bridge to hold water bottles in place inside the bridge without having each end of the bridge touch each other.

38. Next take 9 sticks and glue them evenly spaced throughout the top of the bridge it can be difficult to make them stay because you can't use paper clips.

39. Let dry for 4 hours.

40. Take 8 sticks and glued them down in between the the parallel stick on the top to make a backwards N.

41. Then take 6 more sticks and glue them on top of the sticks making the N so that they form an X.

42. Place paper clips in newly glued areas.

43. Let dry for 4 hours.

44. Take off paper clips.

Bottom of Bridge

45. Repeat steps 38-40.

46. Take off rubber bands and cut them off if needed.

47. Take out water bottles.

Bases of Bridge

48. Take 8 sticks and lay them next to each other.

49. Take the other 2 sticks and put glue all along sticks.

50. Place the 2 glue sticks on top off the sticks laying next together.

51. Take 8-10 sticks and glue them on top of each other.

52. Repeat step 51 until you have four stacks of sticks.

53. Let dry for 4 hours.

54. Glue 2 of the stacks next to each other onto the base so that they will only allow 1 stick to go in between them.

55. Repeat step 54 onto the opposite side of the base that was not glued down with sticks.

56. Glue the end sticks of the bridge in between the stacks of the bridge. Use a generous amount of glue.

57. Let dry for 4 hours.

58. Repeat steps 48-57 to the opposite side of bridge.

The End

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