Japan By Brenna Marsin

When in Japan, you need the see the Buddhist Monument Horyu-ji located in Nara Prefecture, Japan. It was built shortly after Buddhism was introduced to the country. Its a masterpiece of wooden architecture, it represents the adaptation of Chinese Buddhist architecture and temples to Japanese culture and style. I think Horyu-ji is a gorgeous religious site everyone should stop by to see.

You also need to stop by the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine that is in south-west in the Honshu Island. It's a mountain range rising to about 600m with deep river valleys. The mining settlements worked between the 16th and 20th centuries. This beautiful site is also used for transporting the silver to the coast and ports where it is shipped to Korea and China. The mines helped economically develop Japan and south- east Asia in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine is a beautiful site that is worth seeing.

At this spot, the site has a series of twenty three component parts, they are mostly located in the south-west of Japan. Its the Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution. The site shows the process of Japan transfer from Europe and America from the mid 19th century. It also shows how all the change in technology changed the social traditions in the country's it effected. Everyone should come learn about the Industrial Revolution and how our culture was changed today.

Located in the city of Nara, you can find a The Monuments of Ancient Nara. See the evolution of the Japanese architecture and art showing the time of the cultural and political development of Japan in 710 to 784. Nara was the capital of Japan in this period which holds some historical monument like Buddhist temples and the remains of the Great Imperial Place. You will leave in awe after engaging in these beautiful cultural and political historical monuments.

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Brenna Marsin


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