My House And furniture

I have got a very big flat. I have three rooms, one hall, one kitchen and one living room.

Our living roOm

Our living room is a very big, light, and really confortable. I have a shoe rack near to door. There are two sofas, mobile with TV and bookcase with many books. I have some curtains covering the window. We haven't any armchairs in our living room.

OuR kitchen

Our kitchen is light, clean and it is rustic. There is one cupboard near to one table and there are chairs. There is one fridge next to kitchen shelves. There is oven under cooker and near have a sink. We have some curtains and we have one microwave, but we haven't any toasters and TV in our kitchen.

mY bedroom

My bedroom is big and light. There are many toys in it. There is a bed near to window. There is a chest of drawers next to my bed and a big chest of drawers. Under my window I have got a keyboard. There is a wardrobe near to door. I have a bookcase next to one desk.

our halL

Our hall connecting rooms and walls are hung with paintings.

Our baThroom

Our bathroom is very small, clean and light. There is bathtub under the window, and we have a bidé near to WC. There is washbasin under a mirror-cupboard. We haven't a shower in our bathroom.

Bedroom of my brother

His bedroom is light and small. There are many toys in it. There is a aquarium and a bookcase near to box with lego. There is bed under window, and there is a desk and chair. He have some games, but he haven't wardrobe.

Bedroom of my mum

Her bedroom is very big, beauty, light and clean. She have a wardrobe next to big chest of drawers. She have some curtains, but she haven't any paintings. There is her bed between to two chest of drawers.

The End

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