Beyond The Cellar Door Elements of literature

Plot: The book Beyond the Cellar Door is a great book and I am here to tell you how the plot turns out. The book starts out with the main character Jeff. Jeff is always getting into trouble with his Grandfather. Whenever his father gets home at night and finds out his son gets into trouble he goes up to his room and makes him feel better. His father always tells him that it's temporarily but Jeff doesn't believe him and thinks he says that to make him feel better. Jeff's father also tries to resolve the conflict with him and his grandfather. One day Jeff comes home and finds a key in his Grandfather's garden and finds out it is to the abandoned house around the corner. Jeff and his sister always go to the house and they don't realize their grandfather is there. Jeff's sister Megan, makes a wish and her grandfather makes the wish come true. At the end of the book, Jeff finds his grandfather upstairs and they went downstairs and told Megan that the house isn't magical. Then their grandfather tells them that he is moving out of the country, but they beg them to stay.

Theme: The theme of my book, Beyond the Cellar Door is that there is plenty of things that you shouldnt do, but sometimes if you dont, you will never have the oppertunity to learn. In my book if the two kids Jeff and Megan would not have explored the abandoned house, their grandfather would have moved out of the country. He was planning to move away because he didnt think he was appreciated by his grandchildren. His grandchild Jeff was always getting into trouble, but he tried to blame it with his grandfather. His

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