A Library YouTube and Death Threats Chapter 4 by carolina

The chapter is about this girl name Nicole Banks, uploading a YouTube video about her ranting about asians are annoying in the library that she couldn't focus on her studying because they kept talking on the phone with their language and she goes you serious I'm trying to study and focus on my finals. Her YouTube video got 10,000,000 million views, people saw it and she kept getting hate for it and also death threats because it was racist and she thought she was being funny and she took it down but it was too late because millions of people already saw it and shared it. She apologized to the Asian culture of the hurtful words she said on the video she didn't mean to hurt anyone or cause pain to anyone.

What I think about the chapter is that anywhere we go we shouldn't judge anyone about how the speak or what culture they are. She could've talk to her friends and rant about it to them, I feel like she didn't have to post it on YouTube because Nicole shared it to the world. The part that I did like about that chapter that at the end she apologized to them that she didn't mean for it to hurt people and she thought it was funny. What else I think about this chapter is that we say things but we think it's funny but when we say it to people we don't see how they feel and how we can hurt them, I think sometimes we should go into other people's shoes to know how they feel and at the end we should apologize because we didn't mean it that way but we hurt them so we should take the blame.

"I made a mistake. My mistake, however, has led to the harassment of my family, the publishing of my personal information, death threats, and being ostracized from an entire community. Accordingly, for personal safety reasons, I have chosen to no longer attend classes at UCLA." - Nicole Banks


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